Does anyone believe in the Illuminatie?

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  1. I think they do exist. The world is run by them, and it's all going according to their plan. Do not kid yourself, this NOT paranoia! They are watching you! :blink1:
  2. Nope, I think there are corrupt government officials out there, and some lead powers in the world also corrupt. But I think the illuminati doesn't exist.
  3. The what??
  4. Wasn't the illuminati just a group of scientist who wanted to teach works about the world which the church disagreed with?The name is Latin for lightened after all. Why would the group be alive today? In most countries religion holds little to no power anymore.
  5. That sounds a lot like Galileo Galilei.
  6. He was a rumored member of The Alumbrados who were a similar group I believe. Possibly even a pre-cursor to the Illuminati group with formed sometime in the late 1700's. I doubt it's true but still.
  7. The simple answer is no.
  8. does exist
  9. I'm curious why do you think this?
  10. Can't say any more. They're here.
  11. Your post count is all jacked up @[Anonymous].
  12. It's the Illuminati that caused it to be that way.
  13. His real post count is the password to the secret domain login.
  14. "102"? Lol fail @[Crayo]
  15. I Am not sure if i think its true
  16. No, I don't.. I find it quite dumb
  17. Not really. I'm not a conspiracy theorist of any kind but it wouldn't surprise me if there was some sort of "higher group" that made all the decisions in some country or another (not sure about a group that makes the decisions for every country in the world, though. That seems pretty absurd and far-fetched.)

    For those who play video games, there was an interesting group in the Metal Gear Solid series called the "Patriots" that were based off this.
  18. They exist, they don't run the world but they have much power.