Does Anyone Buy Bobby Lashley as a Heel?

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  1. you?

    As far as I know this is the first time in Lashley's professional wrestling career that he has played the role of a heel. So far I feel like something is seriously missing from his heel persona, possibly a personality.

    Physically, Lashley is a huge guy who is legitimately tough so you would expect him to be convincing as a heel but right now I really do not buy it. His poor mic skills are certainly a factor and it would be wise for TNA to keep doing what they are doing with him in MVP's new stable; keep him away from it. Did you see him trying to intimidate that guy backstage during this week's Impact? I'm surprised he wasn't laughed at. Lastly, he needs to work on his facial expressions. I feel like Lashley has a friendly face and his expressions for me do not represent a nasty heel character.

    Then again it could be argued that he does not need to be convincing as a heel due to MVP and King's charisma.

    Any thoughts? I could just be exaggerating but I hope I'm not alone!
  2. Not really. He's a big bad beast of a wrestler and spearing fan favourites is good to build him up as a heel, but a lot of the time he just seems to be the guy stuck in the middle of this, doing whatever MVP tells him to because he's friends with him. He feels bad for attacking his old friends but has to do it because he owes MVP.
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  3. He was a heel at the end of his last run, when the fans rejected him and he did a "I want my release!" angle.

    I'm struggling to believe Lashley's in TNA, he's such a poor fit for this company. But they're looking at the guy the way they should. He's a bad talker but a hell of an athlete and a demeanor that says "don't fuck with me". So they made him a henchman and I can totally buy it. MVP and King are there to talk for him just like you said and he can just quietly spear dudes off of stages.

    Besides, aren't the days of "a dude with no personality who can smile can make a fine babyface" over?
  4. Lashley is a beast. Intimidating and threatening he can be a heel. Despite a limited mic skill. Love Lashley personally never got the hate I mean technically he isn't great but his spear is a bitch and he can just bench most ppl or throw th about at random. He is basically all Reigns will probably ever become.
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  5. Oh yeah! I stand corrected, I don't really remember an awful lot of his last run now that I'm trying to think about it, it all felt kind of half-heartedly put together.
  6. Can't even bother with Lashley's role with how bad I find TNA's product to be atm. Yet again, another faction/stable running things. It's been that way since 2008. What's gonna change? :george:
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  7. Lol it made for a nice precursor for 2010 TNA, didn't it?

    Haha thanks for replying to this comment, it's so much fun to revisit TNA history. Like around that time was Turning Point 2009, TNA's "last stand" if you will before the current crew would have to respond to Hogan and Bischoff, and everyone was too busy fapping to the Unbreakable '05 rematch to notice.

    Also when looking for last week's Impact to watch, I stumbled upon that epic scene in Wembley Arena when Hulk Hogan annointed Garett Bischoff as "the future of wrestling". Maybe the product right now isn't so bad after all? :lol1:

    Fuck Hogan.
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  8. 09/2010 was a clusterfuck. Oh man back when they were constantly signing washed-up, old-aged WWE talent lol, I mean it still happens now but to a far lesser extent. Fortune was a pile of shit as a side-note. I just remember thinking what the fuck are Hogan, Flair and Foley doing in TNA??? Truly damaged the product for years to come by holding back younger talent in favour of putting their World title on guys like Foley :damnn:. The main-event scene in 2009 in hindsight felt worse than 2010.

    Was it in 2010 when Hogan announced that? My gut says 2011 then again I have smoked a lot between 2009 and now so my working memory is a little questionable at times. I miss the days of 2006/2007 when I was really invested in the product, I went to a TNA event in London in January 2008 when Dixie announced it was the largest audience TNA had performed in front of, I miss those days when they had momentum on their side and creative produced more enticing storylines, fuck it I miss the 6-sided ring too.

    Can we all just have a group huddle and remember the good ol' days?
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  9. We revisiting history here? January 2010

    By the way, Bobby Lashley shoud STILL tehnically have a World Title shot he never used back in 2010 because of ^. He won the future contender tournament at the end of 2009.
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  10. Watched that and ended up rewatching this. God I love this segment, this is some stuff i'd gladly go back to watch. Also you really gotta love how truly easy it is to just despise Bischoff. Was dude rocking roids around that time? His veins looks ready to pop out of his arms.
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  11. It's amazing how fake they made that segment. Lashley is standing there and Bischoff is acting like he was walking in. Then, Lashley wasn't even fighting but security had to pull him out like a psycopath. God that was terrible.
  12. Where's that "Missed Opportunities" thread? Fourtune was one of the biggest ones! They stick all this great talent together and that faction accomplished nothing iirc. They feuded with ECW and then joined... ugh. Anyway, I barely remember the main event scene throughout most of 2010... *looks back* Oh, Sting vs Bob VD at Slammiversary? Cool.

    Haha the Garett Bischoff thing was early 2012. :emoji_slight_smile: Remember the IWC being so angry about that going on and that's all they remember from that part of the year despite arguably the best Knockouts' title reign going on with the Gail Kim return, the start of the Bobby Roode reign of awesometacularness, and undoubtedly the greatest X-Division Champion that ever lived... Oh, and them finally getting off their asses and doing something with Joe and Magnus, which was great. Who did they win the belts from again, was it... oh geez... lets not get TOO negative here.

    Hey Testify, you were talking about the worst Ultimate X matches in history in another thread? I can't blame you for being fine with the submission one (as a new TNA fan I hated Doug Williams so much in a heel-heat sort of way, lol), well I actually thought that Kendrick-Abyss Ultimate X was hilarious because of those forged documents about the new network representative and Sting saying he was and screwing everybody over before announcing he wasn't and was just fucking with everybody... I shouldn't think so but that episode was so friggin great.

    :lol1: at Aids, great memory!
  13. This is the reason I get seriously frustrated with TNA sometimes, title shot's do seem to evaporate in to thin air :idk:.
  14. Remember when they changed their name from Fourtune to Fortune? That's some intense shit right there. It certainly did have a lot of potential when names like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, James Storm and Kaz were involved, wasn't Matt Morgan a part of the stable too at some point?

    Early 2012?!?!? :damn:see what I meant about working memory? Now Bobby Roode's title reign is something we should all reminisce about, I'm looking forward to his second WH title reign which I'm hoping/expecting will occur by Lockdown 2015. I actually have no idea who Joe and Magnus won the titles from, I remember them defending them against MCMG a few times though.
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  15. He's fine as MVP's muscle.
  16. The hell you talkin about bitch ass? I'll give you the Bischoff acting like he was walking in when he wasn't, but the other thing? Lashley clearly hit the table with fist, and of course Bitchoff ordered his 8 security guys to keep him alive from beast like Lashley. Vintage Aids post, acting like a "smart" jabroni. Bitch.
  17. He hit a picture. Big deal. Bitch. :adr:
  18. Here's a real bitch

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  19. You don't like Taz?
  20. ly2. I was being 100% serious though, i know it's hard to sift through the nonsense of when I am failing at sarcasm or laughing about random segments that have nothing to do with your post, but still quote you.

    Wait, were you talking about Rain and his KLock 3 paragraph reply post? That wasn't me.
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