Does anyone else agree with this statement?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. I replied to an article on bleacherreport... I said something about how I can't wait for Evan Bourne to return. and someone else replied to the comment and said "If he even returns at this rate"
    I read he was supposed to return this month sometime but the person makes a good point.
  2. Given the injury he had earlier this year, added onto the other things that happened it's possible he might not be making a return soon. If he keeps up the training and physiotherapy he could probably mend the wounds up sooner rather than later.

    I'm looking pretty forward to his decisions either way, he's been a real inspiration to some and is destined for a big position in the tournament.
  4. Him being a high flyer may cause issue with his return IMO, if he loses any of that speed his all style is not as effective as it once was. Plus he needs to be able to jump, if he has serious issues with his foot that could be a problem.
  5. I can't really say yes, and I can't really say no. It's possible though since he hasn't shown up in a while, and if WWE doesn't use him then he might not want to come back. Also as Seabs says, he's a high flyer, he needs to rely on his feet and speed a lot, which means if anything happens to any of those two then he would be rendered useless. Although I heard he has been signing autographs at FCW recently, so maybe he is working with rookies, or even possibly just building up some more moves. I do enjoy watching Evan wrestle though, if he doesn't stay in WWE he should try Impact Wrestling's X division, it'll bring more excitement to the matches in my opinion.
  6. It might be too soon for him to return this year. Hopefully it will be no later than next year. he was on such a roll before he left :/
  7. Don't care. He just fucksucks. I only liked his finisher.
  8. Well, if he returns I'm pretty sure it'll take a long time since his injury was severe and he has to recover 100% for his style to work. Let's see how much WWE trusts him when he gets back, that's an interesting point as well.

  9. :(( say it isn't so?
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