Does anyone else not want to see the tag division revamped?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. I realized this watching Superstars last week, with a Kidd and Gabriel vs Hawkins and Reks match. The people who have been on this site for a long time know my feelings on that match, but when it happened, the match was terrible. Heels isolate the face, build up to the hot tag, face clears house and goes for finisher/signature, illegal heel distracts him, illegal face throws him out, finisher, faces go over. How many times have we seen this garbage?

    I understand the idea of using the tag division to branch off singles stars, and I really like the talent in there right now, but until WWE gets there heads out of their asses and we see something besides the typical "WWE Tag Match" I'm okay with the tag-division being in the doldrums. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  2. I think the idea of a revamped division includes them upgrading their prehistoric tag match script. I also can't stand 99% of WWE tag matches.

    Personally for me I officially gave up on the tag division when they signed the KOW and then FCW'd them to shit, splitting them up in the process. Just disgusting.
  3. I'd like to see it revamped, but as mentioned that's only if they revamp everything about it. It sucks now because they don't make an effort, and I think that if they did the result would be a better show.

    I like it, because it opens up an avenue for people to get screen time that normally wouldn't, or aren't ready to be higher up in the card. Also, as mentioned, it allows to build up stars and then split them when they become "too big for the tag division".

    Fixing the formulaic approach would be a great first step though.
  4. I definitely want a revamped division. By revamp I don't just mean a few extra gimmicks and more time for tags -- although that's important, it's still not the only thing. The matches are predictable and nothing surprises me. Also there's no storylines.
  5. Yeah, that really pissed me off too. Makes no fucking sense other than wwe doesn't give a shit.
  6. ive lost interest in the tag team disivion cause it's like singles matches just with more people. look at matches from early 2000's.. such great gimmicks and chemistry between all the tag teams. it seemed like those people we're meant to be together, now its just like theyre thrown together.
  7. Yeah, the Hardy brothers, Dudleyz, and E&C were pretty much the heart and soul of the tag division for a long time, and it was because they worked well together and had solid background information to make them interesting.

    Now it seems all we get is two mid-carders. At least a few years ago they had the Bashams and La Resistance...even if the tag division (and them) were boring and stale, at least they made an attempt to be something.
  8. The Usos' usually have better matches, probably because they've been tagging together for a long time. They actually get offense in because they know what they are doing in a tag-team role, as opposed to the random singles guys they throw together, either that or they have the balls to deviate from the script. The PTP'ers have a pretty nice tag team repertoire but they just aren't that talented of performers.

    Dolph's put it perfectly. It's not the wrestlers themselves, it's the script.
  9. I do. It's got lots of potential with the Usos, Epico and Primo, and PTP.
  10. People might give more of a F. . . if, bigger star power was in the division, so that they would job.
    So people would start giving a f on the people, that they currently don't.

    But some people in that division need better gimmicks and need to learn how to cut a promo
  11. I've actually seen some good things out of the tag division with PTP, the Usos, the Colons, Reks/Hawkins, and even Kofi/Truth (Truth Boom?.....).

    The biggest thing they could do to revamp the division would be to revamp the "match script" and realize that all matches don't have to follow a set script. It's a side effect of guys not working the "territories" and learning how to just go out and put on a show, listen to the crowd, build up their opponents (and themselves), and get over. Now, they're on TV from day one and everything follows "The Plan". It's not just the tag division. Basically, most matches between younger "Superstars" follow a couple of standard formulas. It's only when you see the guys who've been around the "Indies" or just been in WWE for long enough to experience a variety of working experiences that you start to see some variations. It's part of the reason that I think we're hearing more about WWE trying to get guys that have built their reputations in the "Indies" in addition to the guys they've built. It brings in more styles to have CM Punk face Ted Dibiase or Daniel Bryan face Santino than just to have Santino and Dibiase put on a boring formula match while Punk and Bryan tear the house down with a 30-minute showcase of innovation and false finishes, leading to an inventive finish.

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  12. I would like to see it revamped. I do though, want the tag team matches to better better, longer, and more unpredictable. I would also like to see more teams with managers, since it adds something extra to the team. I like some of the teams currently like Prime Time Players and The Usos, since they seem like actual teams and not just two random guys like Kofi and R-Truth being slapped together. I think they should find two superstars they aren't using and have good chemistry together and start making more teams. The tag team division can be an entertaining division if done right, and can bring up ratings too. Plus they need to add more prestige to the tag team championships too, right now I'd rather be Internet Champion then Tag Team Champion.
  13. Yeah, most of the matches are way too formulated right now, they should really revamp the style. Maybe more tornado tag matches?
  14. Tornado Tags would indeed help with varying the tag team matches. But you guys said it well, before they start improving the quality of the teams in the division and etc. they need to vary tag team matches, otherwise it doesn't matter if you have a very nice team (Usos?) but they're pretty much stuck to that boring tag team match script.
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