Does anyone else unnecessarily procrastinate?

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  1. I understand those who procrastinate due to homework, or something else they don't want to do, but I seriously do it unnecessarily. Like right now, I want to hop in the shower, but I'm delaying it for no fucking reason (ironically I'm doing it as we speak).

    Another example is "bed time". After RAW I should go sleep asap, but instead, I'm like "Well, I'm up anyway, let's browse this absolute random forum that I've just seen for no reason".

    Anyway, anyone else do this?
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  2. I think everyone does.
  3. Yep, it's called laziness, not procrastination. It's easier to sit there than it is to get up, get naked, and shower. I think pretty much everyone is guilty of being lazy at some point or another.

    As far as the "bed time" goes, it's not necessarily fun to go to sleep. Reading things you want to read about, playing games, and fapping give you instant satisfaction. Whereas sleeping would make you feel better the next day.
  4. I disagree. I don't think it's laziness. I want to shower right now because I have an unusual fetish for showers (jokes, I love showers though), and going to sleep at like 4am is something my body, my brain, and just my soul are begging me to do, yet I decide to do something else.
  5. Sleeping is for pussies.I am awake for the last 4 days, mang.

  6. I procrastinate somethings, other things I try to be really punctual.
  7. You staying where you are, doing what you're doing = easy

    You showering = a lot more work

    I'm guilty of it all the time too, I still say it's laziness. I'm not calling people who do it lazy people overall, just in those moments.
  8. I have a horrible habit of procrastination, especially with some of my homework. Since I've gotten away with it in the past and have gotten nice grades anyway, that behavior was certainly reinforced lol. However now that I'm in grad school it's something I can't do much of anymore. It's taken a lot of work to kick the habit of procrastinating but I think I'm doing much better with it.

    Some procrastination is okay with things that don't really matter but it can have an undesirable impact if you're doing it with very important things.
  9. I don't know. I usually have to wind down and stuff before bed. As far as showers go, I only take them right when I wake up and if I don't I smell like senhors beard after a hockey match.
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  10. The more I think about it, you're probably right. I can't think of any other reason to why I'm not going now than laziness, but I don't consider myself lazy. Weird. I blame Xanth. I should stop hanging around with him so much.
  11. I do it all the time, like delaying getting out of bed for 20 minutes even though I need a piss, just because it's cold. I'm going to have to do it eventually.
  12. Everyone does it to a degree, be it willingly or not. I have done it both intentionally and unintentionally lots of times in the past. Now that I am working I am trying to get out of the habit. For example. The place I intern at don't care if I browse the web or such during work hours as long as I get my work done. Thus I have RAW, NXT, Impact or Youtube vids (usually videogamesawesome shows) on in the background while I work. I'm using having it in the background as a reward for doing work so as to get out of procrastinating.
  13. I spent hours on reddit :sad:
  14. Blame technology. Thanks to video games, TV, movies, the Internet, our mobile phones, computers, etc. There's almost no reason to get up off of our asses anymore. You're also not a lazy person if you do it from time to time, you're a lazy person if you do it constantly , all day.
  15. I know that feel.

    I'm literally the laziest person I know.
  16. All the time. CBA doing anything, ever.
  17. Eeyup, I do it daily.
  18. I don't procrastinate, I'm a rebel.
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