Spoiler Does anyone else watch the Attitude Era on the network?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gman003, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. Anyone?

    **DISCLAIMER** I am buzzed typing this up. Haven't used a laptop in some time and I feel like I rant a bit.

    ENJOY lol.

    I grew up with the Attitude Era as a kid. I turned 8 halfway through 1997 and the coolest thing in the world, atleast our world as kids, was the WWF. Everything was WWF in the late 90's. Like it or not, wrestling dominated our schoolyard and classroom discussions. there would be those few kids that would fill us all in every week when we couldn't see it. I wasn't too familiar with the difference between the F and WCW tbh, so the monday night wars weren't as big to me as they actually were. it was all wrestling.

    I've gone back and visited the past the odd time to watch a few things, but being really bored with modern day WWE, i have decided to go back and revisit my past. I started back in January 1998. I would have still been 8 then, Grade 3. In all honesty, the amount that I actually watched in this year was minimal, and I never ever got to experience a live pay-per-view until i subscribed to the network in 2015, minutes before Wrestlemania 31. If anyone who's familiar with me is reading, you might remember this was the same time that I had rediscovered the WWE for the first time in 10 years since giving it up for 'good' in mid 2005 (approx). To be honest, I had forgotten about it's existence.

    I have got done No Way Out 1998 and I'm typing this while also watching the following RAW on Feb 16th 1998, which I realized is something that not many people probably typed back then lol.

    I miss the era. It generated so many stars, so many memories, moments and awesomeness that WWE may never fully recover from the shadows of it.

    They're still bringing in Attitude Era stars to have the high-profile matches at the major PPV. I was there for Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg 2 at Surivor Series in Toronto's Air Canada Centre in November 2016. I was in attendance and as awesome as it was, especially the mens survivor series match and the title match, they totally relied on a guy who is far past his prime and a lazy, roided up has been who put on a match less than 1:30. Sure the electricity in the building was fucking awesome in the moment, but when everyone realized shit, that's it, we're done half an hour early, the Boo's started raining down.

    When these guys are all used up and their time will come, then what? Is Roman Reigns ever going to be as big as his cousin? Will anyone match Stone Cold Steve Austin? anyone crazy as mankind? Ambrose would be if he could have control of that.

    The WWE will never be as popular or on-the-edge-of-your-seat as it once was simply due to regulations and corporate sponsorship.

    And it sucks.

    I will always be keeping my eye on current stuff, but I'm glad we have the option to watch old stuff from the best Era..whichever that may be for you.
  2. Also

    What the heck happened to the energy from crowds back then? They were way more electric than they are now. you'll see a 30 minute match with only some crowd reaction, it's mostly just chants now. way different, why can't people still be as excited and energetic when things happen? did people really think that most of it was actually real back then? lol
  3. Yeah I go back and watch stuff from time to time. It's crazy how much stuff I remember seeing as a little kid. and also having a new outlook on how storylines, matches, characters are portrayed. Nostalgia at it's finest. People like to hate on Vince McMahon a lot, but that man has created so many awesome memories for all of us.
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  4. oh yeah, so many memories. i may not remember specifics of feuds but i remember hearing about a bunch.

    i guess i just cant shake the nostalgia, and aslong as it's on their network im sure ill watch it lol.
  5. I have been watching it and actually missed most of it back in the day. I turned 19 in 1997 and the last I remmebr of it was the lead up to Kane and his debut.

    At the time I was watching WCW through to around the fingerpoke of doom. WWF was on satellite TV here, WCW was on broadcast TV (ergo free). I watched WWF on VHS.

    I'm enjoying the characters though and I do not like the sex (which I found stupid even in the 90's) or the hard core violence that much. I could not stand Sable then opinion has not changed (Sunny was a lot more erm interesting).

    The mid card was entertaining along with the main character (Rock, Austin etc) and the upper mid card was great (Foley, Kane, Undertaker, later HHH).

    I started October 1998 and are up to April 2000 IIRC, just past WM XVI.
  6. Yeah I'm up to a couple weeks before wrestle mania 14. The one with Mike Tyson as the 'enforcer'. I did watch that a couple of years back, but without seeing the lead up. So I'll be able to appreciate it more this time.

    God. This stuff has lasted the test of time. On the episode I watched today the undertaker returned for the first time since the royal rumble when Kane set him on fire in the casket. I'll tell ya, that legitimately had me hanging on to every word. I've watched over 2 months of content in under 2 weeks, which is a lot for me...but I just can't stop lol. I'm watching almost an episode a day it feels like.
  7. Heh I was watching 3-4 hours of it at one point. Slowed down a lot recently and I am not sure where I will stop.

    Watching late 1997- Oct 98 and WCW 97/98 is an idea I have had.
  8. Yes. I have watched some. Brings back a lot memories. I grew up watching attitude era WWF.

    It was a special time in wrestling history, but I do not think its better than today. It got so over the top that constantly trying to beat last weeks show took it to ridiculous levels.

    Definitely nostalgic to watch.
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  9. I was a WWE fan, and I was watching the Attitude Era in those years. I switched between WWE, and WCW (because of NWO vs Sting). I purchase the WWE Network once in a while, usually Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, and Summerslam. This time, it was to test out the whole "2 months free" thing. I'm an entrepreneur, so I wanted do more R & D.

    But yes, I did and do watch the Attitude Era.
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  10. Wrestling-wise, it's better now than it used to be.

    Storyline and overall vibe, definitely then was better.
  11. Just finishing up wrestlemania 14 (1998) and got to thinkiing:

    Main event is stone cold steve austin vs shawn michaels.

    Stone cold is a character that everybody loved. His entrance was electric.

    Michaels aswell got a collective reaction -- a boo, but not nearly as equivalent as austin.

    Do you think in our modern time anyone gets as collective of a positive pop as Austin did? I can't see it.

    Nowadays there is no clear fan favourite. But we do have a massively unpopular 'good-guy ' that most people can't stand. And all of the rest are divided so 50/50 nobody really knows how to feel about them.

    Wwe have some work to do in order to keep up fan engagement in their program.
  12. every crowd reaction to Stone colds entrance at this time was crazy!!
  13. I watch it and yell stone cold over and over again like JR use to.

    But seriously, I watch it sometimes and the atmosphere felt much more electric and exciting. That’s because it was. It was diff and fun. It has to be. Or else they would close. Now a days, WWE makes money in spite of itself.
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  14. I still enjoy WWE today, but the Attitude Era was excellent and what I grew up watching. I signed up for the Network a year or so ago and have watched all the PPVs from 1997 to current and it’s amazing the things that have changed when it went from TV-14 to PG. I was never able to watch the PPVs back then because they were so expensive and even today they are like $60 a piece (on FIOS anyway), which makes $9.99/month for the Network awesome! I will always be a fan, but damn do I miss the Attitude Era!
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  15. I'd rather watch 2002-2006 SmackDown, very comfy. You've got the SmackDown six, you've got Batista drinking Simon System, JBL working Mexicans into a shoot, just a good time to watch.
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  16. Ruthless Aggression was my favorite but I was a Raw guy tbh. Just fast forward Triple H lol
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  17. So you can watch Rob Conway jerk off? Only redeeming part of mid 2000s Raw was Christians IC run.
  18. Well early on Triple H was alright I guess, his feud with Shawn was kino. Still remember Shawn's dookie colored pants.
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  19. Odd you point that out, because I don't remember that lol. I meant Shawn Michaels' comeback, Randy Orton and Batista leave Evolution. Edge's main event push(even though I hated Edge as a kid) Lita vs Trish Stratus and Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Micheals
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  20. Batista leaving Evolution was fantastic but Orton's title run was complete dogshit. Only time I wish a murderer went over.