does anyone have the tulisa video

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  1. :emoji_wink: the n dubz tulisa S*x tape?
  2. ]I think it's banned from everywhere, sadly :emoji_slight_frown:

    I have a picture of Rhianna with a see-through top though :emoji_grin:

    Spoiler for boobs :emoji_slight_smile:

    Show Spoiler
  3. rhihananananana isn't blonde... or white.
  4. Yeah it's Rihanna, but if you watch the video clip from Man Down, she has a shine through top aswell.

    Enjoy! :emoji_wink:
  5. I saw a copy of the vid before it was taken down it was crap and she cant give head for toffee.
  6. Just seen it and it was shit she just gave half assed head then got one of her tits out.
    If anyone wants to see it google it and click the first yahoo answers then 4th one down.
  7. Wow that was shit. Thanks though :laugh:
  8. I have no idea how she can deny it's her, it's identical lol.

    Shit vid though.
  9. It's her evil twin sent to destroy her by the Illuminati.
  10. Lmao haha.

    She needs to stop spitting on his cock.
  11. "Tulisa's blowjobs are a lot like her concerts.

    Nobody comes...."


  13. Quality :laugh:
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