Does Anyone Hope We Get Bryan/Michaels At Wrestlemania 31?

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  1. This year, the company wanted Shawn Michaels to return and fight Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX, but Michaels refused (and thankfully so, since Bryan deserved to win the world title this year, not just settle for a great match with HBK), but perhaps if WWE makes another run at him next year, he can be persuaded to change his mind. It's quite improbable that Bryan actually headlines Wrestlemania 31 either retaining or regaining the championship (2015 will be Reigns' year, defeating either Cena, HHH, or Lesnar to win the strap), but if Bryan were to face Michaels, that would ensure that Bryan would still end up in a major spot on the card and we'd get our obligatory five-star Wrestlemania match out of it, too.

    A match with a legend like Michaels, provided that HBK doesn't have any serious ring rust, would be sure to deliver on all fronts (workrate, psychology, drama, the history between the two men, etc.) Plus, it'd be cool to see Bryan go over two best friends who were the originators of one of the greatest stables of all-time (D-Generation X) in back-to-back consecutive Wrestlemania events.
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  2. Defiantly a inter promotional match to remember.
  3. I'm sorry but I would rather not see Michaels in the ring ever again.
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  4. Hopefully you're right and they would have an excellent match. But since Shawn declined in the first place, I would guess it's precisely because of ring rust, or just plain old age, guys that jumped all over the ring like him have a tendecy to show early signs of stopping. But assuming age hasn't got the best out of him, I would be thrilled to give him my blessing to have this match. Otherwise it would be painful to see a man that was as good as him to have a shitty match
  5. Sorry bro, but that's the worst idea i've ever heard of.

    Bryan: A guy at the apex of his career.
    Shawn: Far beyond it

    Shawn is far to bent out of shape (literally) to get in the ring with Bryan.
  6. That would be truly remarkable to watch.
  7. Yeah this would be cool if we had a time machine and could go back in time to prime Shawn Michaels time.
  8. They could have a pretty good match but I really support HBK's decision to stay retired.
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    WM31 dream match:

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler/Cesaro for the WWE-WHC. Imagine the awesomeness in that one.
  10. No, I don't want to see Michaels wrestling a match ever again. I don't care if it can be 5 stars or whatever, he's retired and I want it to stay that way.
  11. lmao really?

    HBK is in great shape and I think he would be awesome at wm31 regardless of who he faces, and as long as he puts them over.
  12. Overbooked.
  13. I'm one of those guys that respects the fact that someone retires and wants it to stay that way. Plus, no way is HBK vs. Daniel Bryan going to be bigger than HBK and Taker.
  14. Wouldn't mind seeing this. The match would likely be great
  15. Fuck that, it'd probably be the greatest match of all time.
  16. Really? Look at Wrestlemania 2000.
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    Sounds like an excellent match for a smark to get wet over (that includes me too, btw), but I wouldn't want it as the Wrestlemania main event nor is it likely to be one (I know you're just tossing out fantasy match-ups here that you'd like to see, but still.) Neither Cesaro nor Rollins will be ready to headline a Wrestlemania by next year, nor will Punk likely be back. I also wouldn't place any money on Bryan headlining Mania ever again. Hell, they're already giving him the Punk treatment by booking him as a secondary attraction one defense into his title reign.
  18. I'm sure Bryan will react if he's not satisfied with how the things are being run, just like Punk did, maybe not as drastic, but still... WWE's been very kind to him for the last couple of weeks and giving him the WWE-WHC proves that the company and the fans are high on him. There ain't no better wrestler than him in the WWE atm.
    Right now, I'm just hoping Bryan's title run lasts for at least 6 months. After that, I hope he'll still be treated as good and doesn't get lost in the shuffle. We'll see. The D-Bry era has just begun.
  19. Dunno. Bryan doesn't come off as a whiny **** to me.
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