Does anyone know how I would delete my WWE Network subscription?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by philitup, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. Just wondering, because I don't REALLY want to keep this for six months straight, because I'm the only one in my family that's into the WWE (My dad used to be but he wouldn't watch this much) so I'm guessing they wouldn't want to pay $60 for something only I would watch. So if anyone could answer my question that would be awesome.
  2. Go to your account, then click 'billing information' click 'Cancel my account'.
  3. Don't you have to still pay the $60 at first, or you couldn't Cancel until 6 payments of $10 over 6 months happened?
  4. Pretty sure you might be using the trial still? You should be able to cancel before paying, it gives me that option.
  5. Physically impossible to have used the 7 day trial yet, it ends March 3rd (providing you signed up on launch day) - so you can get the free trial and cancel it, and you don't have to pay the $60. The 6 month commitment only happens once the free trial is over. If you cancel once the trial ends, you will still be paying the $60 for the 6 month commitment.
  6. So when I go to billing info it says:

    You are currently subscribed to WWE Network

    Your next billing date is Thursday, March 27, 2014.The credit/debit card or PayPal account you have on file will be charged $9.99 plus applicable taxes on this date.

    Your subscription will expire on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. If you would like your subscription to be automatically renewed, you can change your auto-renew preference here or call customer service at [​IMG]866-308-5684. For additional information click here.


    Your subscription will be billed to the credit card ending in ****************

    Click here to update your payment information.

    There isn't anything that says "Cancel my account", so I'm guessing I'd just call customer service? Unless I'm missing something.
  7. When you signed up for the account did you not click the Free 1-Week Trial button or did you click the Buy it now button because it sounds like you clicked the buy it now button and already paid for it.
  8. Isn't their a 6 month contract? In which case, you ain't getting out of it and you are in for the 6 months.
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  9. Exactly. You can't cancel it if you bought it, the 6 month commitment is REQUIRED.
  10. Ah yes, looking at that, you've actually bought it. You didn't get the trial.
  11. WTF? I'm pretty damn sure I clicked the free trial button. Okay, so if I bought it I can't call the number and not have to pay the $60?
  12. Uh...probably not.
  13. Well that's fan fucking tastic... I could've swore I clicked the free trial button, but I guess not. It's kind of annoying since weather you want to buy it or not the payment page looks the same.
  14. Why don't you just phone them and try anyway?
  15. Unfortunately I don't think you can. It's a contract so to speak, and I don't think they will grant your release like they did CM Punk. Let me know if it works though.
  16. Dude you have them your credit card. That's on you. What free trial have you ever done that requires a credit card?
  17. That's how nearly all of my bills start up. You give them your card and the first month is free, then the following month they charge your card.

    Also, netflix is like that. You get the first month free through a code, but you have to enter your card for it to bill you the following month. You call and cancel once that expires if you don't want the service.

    DirecTV is a real son of a bitch with it. Here is free hbo for 3 months! Then after those 3 months they bill you for that shit, and there is a strong chance you forget to call to cancel, atleast i do.
  18. I never said it wasn't on me. Just wondering though, if the free trail sign up page looks any different from the page where you buy it?
    Yeah, I probably will sometime soon.
  19. I know where you messed up though, because honestly I did it as well. I clicked free trial but then it forwarded me to pay pal, and I clicked okay, then they billed me. I missed a step along the way, but I planned on getting it anyways. 60 bucks is about what i'd spend on WM alone without it.
  20. Well thanks to everyone for trying to help. I'll call them, but if nothing can be done it shouldn't be the end of the world, I'll just have to give my mom and dad the money. And it is a really good deal the WWE Network is awesome, it's just a bit annoying. Thanks again, guys.
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