Does anyone know when Vince McMahon Last TV Commentator in 1997?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know when Vince McMahon Last TV Commentator in 1997? It was not at "Montreal Screwjob" As he did not Commentator in that match. So was it the Raw before S.Seris 1997? Does anyone have a video of it?​

  2. The point is why was he a commentator? (Didnt watch the AE)
  3. I think it was this event tbh..

  4. No he was still commentator in Oct. of 1997 he the video
  5. Vince used to be a commentator all the time before the "Montreal Screwjob"! from 1984-1997! :pipebomb:
  6. Was he good?
  7. he not that baded. his voice so so much better then it is now. watch the video post did. on Post #4 of this thread.
  8. Vince was a great, underrated commentator. He was passionate, fast paced at calling the action, always counterbalanced Heenan and Ventura's heel comments with an unbiased view, etc. He even returned to the chair and headset in January of 1999 for the Half-Time Heat match between The Rock and Mankind and showed he barely missed a beat at calling matches. I'd love to have someone like him back at the commentary seat these days.
  9. A lot of old school promoters did commentary. It's an easy way for the man who knows whats going on to make sure that the story to the TV audience is told correctly.

    Also. Didn't Vince and Ventura return to commentary for one of the old school RAWS? (like 09-2010)
  10. Yes that did but I wanted know thet last time he commentary as a regurarly a commentary!? What was the last date? He did not commentary S.Seris of 1997 and was still commentary in Oct. so was the last Raw before the S.Seris. of 1997 his last time commentary regurarly on WWE TV?!
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