Does anyone like Rock?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. The candy stuff. I've got a massive bag of it. Frickin' love the stuff.
  2. Rock candy? or just hard candy?
  3. Rock.

  4. Them look like candy canes to me. lol Are you from the UK?
  5. Bad for your teeth, bro. :eww:

    Don't eat candy.. Just your vitamine pills.
  6. Classic example of wasted childhood ^

    No I don't like Rock but I do love chomping on a fat lolly pop for hours.
  7. I hope you don't mean Lil' Wayne's version... :eww:
  8. Indeed, I am.

    Ah okay. Our child hoods were awesome compared to Jose's.
  9. :dawg:
  10. Did someone say rock?

  11. :dawg:
  12. That explains it! rock candy in the US is this->>

  13. What da' hell is that?
  14. Rock candy. lol
  15. looks like pure sugar covered in sugar :dawg:
  16. Yeah... Rock candy. :haha:
  17. :true:
  18. Look's like shards of glass on a stick. :haha:
  19. The idea is to look like crystals hence being called "rock candy". The stuff is AMAZING but expect a tummy ache and a tooth ache 2 hours later. lol
  20. probably taste like it too :dawg:
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