Does anyone on here genuinely think Cena is a bad wrestler?

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  1. Over the recent years, the most common IWC line seems to be "John Cena can't wrestle". But after a string of great in-ring performances, is that now a confirmed myth or more evidence that the IWC will simply hate anything Cena does out of spite? So does anyone genuinely believe he is a poor wrestler?

    Does it also mean that John Cena is underrated as a technical wrestler? I know it sounds weird, but I guess it's true right?

  2. I think it's more of Cena becoming lazy and complacent tbh. Guys everyone loves to talk about as technicians Hart, Perfect, HBK, DB, etc always seemed to add a new wrinkle to their arsenal every few years. Once Cena got to the top, he never did. Could he put on better matches? Of course! Will he? That's the million dollar question. His motto includes the word hustle. There's no doubt he does that outside the ring with his side projects and charity work. As of right now, I don't think he hustles with his in ring game. He can fix it though if he applies himself.
  3. I think the problem originates from the wwe. He's not a bad wrestler, but he isn't as good as the wwe wants people to believe. A billion time champion, numerous other accomplishments, and the face of a wrestling company? For an average to slightly above average wrestler? That's why the iwc hate him. Or atleast that's what i think.

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  4. I think he mostly was in his earlier years as a main eventer. But even then and before then, he has a few good/great matches. I remember it was said that Vince was impressed by the match Cena had with Kurt Angle at No Mercy 2003. I know he was in there with a wrestling machine but still. His matches with Brock and Undertaker in 2003 also weren't bad either.

    I think around 2007 and so on he started to pick up as a performer. I'd never put him anywhere near the top of the list, but I've said it before and it needs saying again - you don't have as many good/great matches unless you're at least a pretty good performer. Batista was never the greatest in-ring performer either, but he and Cena had good matches with each other a few times, most notably at Summerslam 2008 and Wrestlemania 26, both which were normal, standard non-gimmick matches (ironically, their two hardcore matches at Extreme Rules and Over The Limit were my least favorite of them.) He's also had enjoyable matches with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Umaga, Randy Orton, CM Punk, etc.

    He's had a few sucky ones, too. His match with The Rock was even more average than expected. Thankfully, most didn't care about match quality when it came to that one. I never watched his iron man match with Orton but I hear it was boring, and it's obvious WWE made it a No DQ iron match because they knew it would be boring otherwise (to be fair, few people can wrestle for an entire hour and still keep interest throughout. There's only so much you can do in a whole hour without getting repetitive. One big reason I can respect Flair's work ethic for being able to wrestle so many one hour draws in his day, but it doesn't necessarily make me eager to seek them out and watch them.)

    Overall, it looks like he fairs a lot better when he's in the ring with someone who's already an excellent performer but you can't argue he doesn't hold his own. It's obvious by watching more than a couple of his matches that he contributes and isn't just carried like dead weight throughout. You don't need an extensive move set to have a great match. It all has to with the booking and pacing and psychology of the match. Hogan/Warrior at WM6 is a good example. By all means, it should have been boring, but Pat Patterson's wonderful booking of the match made it a great clash.
  5. I think who he faces matters a lot more than they show. He has had some really, really good PPV matches and sometimes does well in ring (we all know his heel turn would blow up the WWE so much bigger) but some of the matches, he just looks lazy to be honest.

    It's like everyone saying never try a huricanrana again. He is an awesome athlete, and if it takes him a few more tries to get it down, i would totally be down with seeing a guy his size pull it off. It just depends on who he is facing, and i think Rocky/Cena will be sloppy/weak at best, unfortunately.
  6. To me...
    Cena is a great wrestler, he is just not one of "THE GREATS". He carries himself well in the ring. He rarely messes up. He knows how to clean up other wrestlers mistakes. So no, I don't think he is a bad wrestler at all.
  7. No, I actually think he is pretty solid in the ring. Maybe not the best in execution but his matches generally tell a pretty good story. Whether or not we like that story is another thing lol.
  8. He's not a bad wrestler (ability wise), but he should never be referenced to as a great wrestler either. He's average and uses his super-human strength feats to make the match more impressive.
  9. If you notice one thing most great WWE matches recently involve him (vs Punk three times, HBK, Orton and Umaga as examples) there are ones without him and he's in with great opponents but it does take 2 to tango, he's one of the top in ring performers they have imho when he's motivated, his strength and athleticm are top notch plus when he wants to he can sell well plus he's always willing to try something fresh in the big matches when motivated (the rana was horrible but which other guy his size could do one? Or the suicide dive? There aren't many in the big two us companies)
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  10. Punk, HBK, Orton, all good/great wrestlers. You're right it does take 2.

    Performance-wise, yes, he's great. But this thread is about wrestling ability.
  11. In ring performance is wrestling ability, it's an entertainment business brah.
  12. ^ this really. I'm always impressed about how well he lift people and how he can sell moves (when he wants to). But you go in to entertain at the end of the day and if one day he doesn't feel like selling a move it's just not a good enough attitude to have. I think he should at least work on becoming a Dolph Ziggler tier seller, because if he can sell moves as well as that, whilst putting on a somewhat entertaining match I'd be happy to watch him more. (even if he wins everytime.)
  13. Performance, to me, is his ability to interact with the crowd, the whole entertainment side.
  14. John Cena can wrestle. If you want to see a great match you can see his debut with Kurt Angle. I think he's slowed down since then dramatically with age, gaining more muscle mass, and being the top guy doesn't allow him to perform riskier moves. I think the majority of the Cena can't wrestle comes from him having a limited move set from those reasons I said before. I think he has good storytelling ability, but he's not all that comparatively speak from the last faces of the company we had (excluding Hogan).
  15. Well from a technical standpoint he is piss poor.He is a decent storyteller when he wants to be but this is only when he is facing people like punk.Other then that he has the same matches and busts out the same moves.
  16. John Cena is a great worker, athlete, competitor, and a very wise man. In all honesty he doesn't care what you guys think in terms of hating him, while the IWC do hate on him he get's his paycheck, whereas the complainers don't. John Cena simply ignore's the hate and rightfully so, because he's a legitimate money maker. I think he's one of the greatest superstars that's ever stepped foot into a wrestling ring.

    Do we hate his numerous accomplishments? Of course. However, if you look at it from a business perspective the WWE will continue to sky rocket him in as many ways as possible to make as much money as they can. The reason we don't own a multi-million dollar business is because we're not in the same thinking zone as someone such as Vince McMahon, nor are we going to own a business as such.

    As for John Cena being a bad wrestler, no, he isn't. John Cena is a good competitor, but the moves that are assigned to him are the ones given to him by the WWE as they're easily memorable, good combination (in the kids eyes) and just an all round decent set of moves (in the kids eyes). It's all marketing strategies and effective business minds that aren't changing his move set. Yes, he can add different moves into a match however the main moves are going to be the five moves of doom.
  17. Decent wrestler, but that's it.

    The only 3 problems I have with him is:

    - horrible no-selling (take another look vs. Punk on Raw)
    - stale ass gimmick (who doesn't now this?)
    - his look and facial expressions (they're so bad)

    So I'd say, he CAN wrestle, but overall, he's just an average wrestler.
  18. He is nowhere near the likes of Punk, Bryan, Seth, Jericho, Ambrose etc.
    Not that he is a bad wrestler, but he isn't great either. His matches has mostly the same boring pace, getting beat the entire match only to win by his infamous combination of moves in just one minute.
    He has some great matches like his matches with Punk and HBK, but you get the feeling that the Cena you see wrestle Punk is just not the Cena you see wrestle Miz or any other wrestles, like if he only gives all he got in big matches.
  19. Cena has a couple of positive attributes, but I feel most of his great matches are a result of him being incorporated into every major storyline WWE does. Take any number of guys and give him those storylines and they will have great matches as well. Cena's great matches are more a result of him getting EVERY big angle there is... seriously when was the last big angle that Cena didn't get involved with?