Does anyone remember me? lol!

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Asskicker, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys! Or at least people that MIGHT remember me from waaaaay back like last year during the road to WM 28, I joined like in February but I've been gone for awhile and stopped watching WWE from time to time, but now that my main studies are out of the way I felt like coming back to catch up on the wrestling I've been missing out on!
  2. Is that your original username?
  3. I was thewindyfan when I joined then I changed it like 2 months before I disappeared from here haha.
  4. OMG your sig 0.0 can't stop looking at it.
  5. Not too sure I remember who you are to be quite honest.
  6. No worries, It's been awhile anyways.
  7. You never got that big on this site.
    I remember you though.
  8. I remember you thewindyfan, didn't you go to an extreme rules paperview? Welcome.
  9. I remember you. :yes:

    Welcome back windy.
  10. You were one of the best users for a while! Welcome back bud
  11. Really glad you came back brother, stick around for a while. Hows everything in chi town?
  12. Hey, it's Asskicker!! :yay: Welcome back, man! Hope you can stick around this time!
  13. Welcome back, I joined here this year's February, but I read you before. Welcome back dude
  14. No but i was not very active here last year,Anyway welcome back.
  15. Welcome back mate, of course we remember you (Xanth doesn't count), how could I forget the Fed-X creative team days :yay:
  16. :hmm: can't remember

    ps. i was lackin
  17. Welcome back dude, I remember you.
  18. Welcome Back, man.
    Hope you stick with us this time :otunga:
  19. Welcome back :otunga:
  20. It's all good, I'm just chilling! Sweet to know lot of people I knew back when I was here still come by!
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