Does anyone see any other big returns?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Once the Brock/Rock phase has worn off, who do you think could be that next big star returning? Or any "star" for that matter? I guess Batista would be the obvious choice.
  2. Austin at some point will return imo, he's working it too much not to for me.
  3. I could see Edge returning in some capacity at some point down the line. Obviously he can't wrestle anymore, but I could see him as a manager, an announcer, or maybe even an authoritative figure.
  4. I was actually thinking how good Edge could be as a colour commentator, but doesn't he want to stay away to focus on movies and stuff?
  5. Don't know. In my mind he has always loved wrestling, so I imagine he will eventually get back into it once he gets a break from it. I can't see him doing much 'focusing on movies and stuff'. Lot's of wrestlers get a few opportunities for things like that before the offers eventually dry up. I see Edge falling into that category, and then turning back to the business that made him.
  6. Edge as GM would be great down the line ofc.
  7. Indeed.
  8. Batista will return no matter how much he whines and bitches about the current rating grade. I could see Angle returning eventually for one final run.
  9. For me:

    Jeff Hardy
    Matt Hardy
  10. I'd mark for Angle, Jeff, Austin and Batista.
  11. Don't see Angle or Hardy returning. Pretty sure Kurt likes the laid back schedule for TNA and WWE is done with Hardy as he is a fuck up.
  12. One more run though on a limited schedule would suit Angle - I really see it happening. As for Hardy, I agree; though he's "turned his life around" so maybe we will eventually see him.
  13. Goldberg or Stone Cold if Stone Cold was returning as a wrestler!
  14. Steve Austin next year if he decides to work with Mania.

    I'd like to see Batista return at some point, too. A power match between him and Brock Lesnar would be cool (although the promos might be a different story.) He could also has some good matches with a couple of other people (Punk, for example.)
  15. Karmah needs to return but Austin will soon.
  16. Fucking genius I am :obama:
  17. I'm thinking someone like Goldberg can return to WWE in some supporting way.
  18. In my oppinion Batista could return if cena not def. brock at extreme rouls
  19. Stone Cold for WM, maybe Batista. That's about it for now.
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