Does Batista owe his career to Mark Jindrak?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. History showed us that it was indeed Mark Jindrak, not Batista, who was supposed to be the fourth member of Evolution along with HHH, Orton, and Flair.

    Due to his irl shenanigans and tomfoolery Jindrak was let go and his spot given to Batista. This of course led to Batista eventually turning on HHH and cementing himself in the ME scene for years to come.

    Seeing as how Orton and Batista became two of the most decorated champions of recent memory I believe there's little doubt that Jindrak would have been in the spot that Batista ended up occupying in the ME had he not been stupid outside the ring.

    Do you think that Batista would have been as successful had he not been in Evolution? Do you think he should call up Jindrak and thank him for being a fool? Do you think Jindrak would have been a solid main eventer if he had stayed on the right path?
  2. I loved Jindrak from his WCW and WWE days but really a lot of people say he was not ready for the spot and was immature. I'd love to see Jindrak win a title in WWE but he's nearly 40 now and his time is passed. He was a talent that Batista wasn't he had athletic ability as well as wrestling ability mix that with his look and mic skills he really was a total package at least to me. I do think Batista should thank his immaturity but not Mark himself since he really didn't do anything much.

    No, Batista was a floundering, untalented young guy on the SmackDown roster teaming with D-Von. He was over because people wanted to see HHH topple down which ultimately happened. Batista outside of the group wouldn't be worth the paper his contract was signed on except a valuable asset to Heat and Velocity.

    Plus i heard it was Orton that replaced Jindrak but i may be wrong, can someone tell me where in the HHH video he says this?
  3. No Batista owes his career to me!
    and no he wouldn't be successful if he was left outside of Evolution imo.
  4. I wouldn't say Batista owed his career to Mark Jindrak so much as I would say that he got one opportunity due to Jindrak's screw up.

    I also believe that, had Jindrak been in Dave's position, Jindrak would not be in Batista's role today. I doubt that, had Batista not been in Evolution, he would be the Batista we know today.

    But to say that Batista would not have become a top guy in WWE if he hadn't been in Evolution is a reach. The guy had a good look and got a hot angle handed to him. He grabbed the brass ring when it came around and held on for all he was worth. If he hadn't been in Evolution and that brass ring had come by, there's no reason he wouldn't have still grabbed on and held tight.

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  5. test. ly waco
  6. This is like asking "Does Steve Austin Owe His Career To HHH?", just because without HHH getting punished for the curtain call incident at a house show in April of 1996, he would have been booked to win the KOTR that year and thus Austin wouldn't have gotten the platform to give the Austin 3:16 promo and get people's attention in the first place (Pritchard, Russo and Cornette have all stated that before KOTR, Austin was just undercard talent that the company had no big plans for in any way.) Well, that may be true, but then again, Austin also had incredible talent and charisma and as Stone Cold, he had the kind of "It" factor that literally only a handful of superstars have. So he mainly deserves the credit, not HHH. The same principle is true when determining whether Jindrak deserves credit for Batista's success or not as well.

    Batista is a prime example of someone who can be manufactured into a big star just as long as the WWE machine gets behind them and provides them with enough excellent marketing and booking. He was a man of limited charisma and limited in-ring talent, but he had the perfect look, the right set of big power moves and good enough talent to work with to help get him over. The fact that he was real-life workout buddies with Triple H doesn't hurt either, as it means he would have likely had Hunter in his corner pulling for him even if he wasn't apart of the Evolution stable.

    There's also no guarantee that if Jindrak had been apart of Evolution, he would have become as big of a star as Batista did. I know Jindrak was young and full of untapped potential and with more than enough time to improve, but based on what I saw of him back then, he was a guy of awful mic skills and limited charisma himself, but without the same marketable look that Batista had. And just because you're working with the likes of Triple H and Ric Flair doesn't mean you'll get over or have some of their talent rub off on you. Some guys just don't have "It", no matter who they work with.
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  7. Ummmm......

    test. ly too crayo?

  8. I wouldn't say so, there's no telling what he would've done if he wasnt in evolution. He was still in OVW at the time, and I imagine he would've gotten his callup at some point.
  9. batista was a wolf in sheeps clothing

    i can uneivically say that the conpnay fucked up with orton, which led to batistas push

    they ruined lives they did not do orton vs hhh at wm 21, they fucked up, it should have been ortons moment, a new era in wrestling free from friverlous matters.
  10. He likely would've been successful down the line, his future stuff had little to do with evolution, sure it's how he started but random feuds had nothing to do with them.

    Anyway points is, it would've taken a little longer but he still would've been successful. More successful? nah. Less? maybe and probably but he still would've had success.
  11. None of you were even watching TV then. Mark Jindrak was the worst.

    That's like saying maybe Alex Wright could have been a great member of the Four Horsemen.
  12. speak for yourself lad
  13. I believe the last statement.
  14. Batista owes 'is career to De Rack more dan Mark Jindrak
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