Does Cena deserve to go over?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. This'll probably turn into a flame war but we'll give it a shot. I've heard many people claim Cena doesn't deserve to beat The Rock at Wrestlemania 28. So does he deserve it, yes or no?
  2. Yeah he does because he is going to be still wrestling in the company for many more years more than the Rock
  3. Well, Cena has to beat him. I'm not a Cena fan or anything but it'd pretty embarrassing if Cena lost and continues to wrestle. The Rock is not gonna be wrestling or be on WWE afterwards, just here for this match. No SuperCena = WWE out of business. Like Thewindyfan said, Cena has a lot of years still to wrestle.
  4. I have nothing against Rock but were is he going to go after WM 28 back to doing fucking movie were is Cena going to be busting his as off in the ring so yes yes he does.
  5. Yes and he will.
  6. no because nobody looks bad losing to The Rock, just put on a decent match. If Rock loses to Cena, it makes Rock look bad. No matter how much WWE loves Cena, they will never make the Rock look bad. If Cena beats the Rock, the Rock goes back to Hollywood without a chance of redemption looking like a loser. WWE will lose so many viewers if Rock loses at WM. Ive seen on many occasions people saying if Cena wins im done with WWE, me being one of those people. The only way ill accept a Cena win if its a dirty win. If WWE wants to die, they'll make Cena win. If they want viewers, they'll make Cena look like a loser, because lets face it whens the last time you've seen Cena lose a feud. It'll be new and fresh change. I dont know why you guys are so adament about Cena winning because if he wins, youre getting SuperCena back. Youre getting back the Cena that always overcomes the odds and never loses a feud. If Cena looks broken down and defeated by the Rock, you get a more realistic Cena and probably a heel Cena too. Nobody cares who deserves to win, people care about who they wanna see win and thats The Rock
  7. So Rock wins and goes back to Hollywood makes people want to watch the WWE? Cena lost the Punk feud this summer also. Cena can win clean and destroy Rock after sending a message that you don't push him. Not everyone wants to see Rock win at all.
  8. Stop focusing on the rock leaving, youre focusing on that aspect too much. Yes the rock is leaving, but if he beats Cena he leaves a big shock to the WWE's system. Cena beaten cleanly by the the rock. Cena beaten cleanly is something i cant remember happening for years. He leaves but he leaves us with a human Cena, one that can be beaten cleanly, one that can actually lose, and one that doesnt always overcome the odds. Rock hit the nail on the head when he said we're tired of having a Superman rammed down our throats. If Cena wins you'll be wishing he hadnt in a month because he going to come back talking about how he rose about the hate and how hustle, loyalty, and respect are everything, same old shit he always says. Now imagine this, its the day after WM, Cena comes out after being beaten by The Rock, hes not the same old goofy Cena, this an angry, pissed off Cena. He grabs the mic starts talking about how he gave it his all, but it just wasnt good enough. Then he starts going off on the fans about how he gave his all for them but it just wasnt good enough and they still booed him. He starts telling the fans they better respect him. He says forget rise above hate, i hate each and everyone of you, He rips up his shirt and walks out. Cena losing to the rock would actually elevate his career, but if he wins he'll be more hated than ever and he'll still be the same old boy scout Cena. Also he didnt lose cleanly to CM Punk, there was interference by Vince which gave Punk the win.
  9. "If Rock loses to Cena, it makes Rock look bad. No matter how much WWE loves Cena, they will never make the Rock look bad. If Cena beats the Rock, the Rock goes back to Hollywood without a chance of redemption looking like a loser."
    You brought up him leaving, how bad does that make the entire roster look if there poster child loses to a man who's wrestled once in 7 years and didn't even want to acknowledge his wrestling history until recently with all the call me Dwayne crap? So Cena can't win against one of the biggest legends in the industry then brag about how he did it without the fans approval?
    "because lets face it whens the last time you've seen Cena lose a feud" That's what you said so I pointed the last time he lost a feud, if you want it clean how about Sheamus in 09? Or Miz destroying Cena week after week? You can put someone over more ways than simply jobbing in a match. He made Del Rio seem more legit in their feud also. What people don't seem to understand is when you get the upper hand on the unstoppable force it's the equivalent to a clean win on most others.
  10. I really hope they didn't bring the Rock back to job to Cena. Aren't you sick and tired of seeing super Cena trample everybody? Cena is not on the Rock's level, not in any way. Rock better beat Cean after a hard fought battle then shake his hand before Cena leaves the ring.
  11. Not true at all rock can feud with the undertaker and if he ends the streak he has redemption
  12. That's the thing he doesn't have to be "Supercena" to go over. There is so much potential there if he wins. Not to mention every top babyface gets the superman treatment in the wwe. Take Rock in 2000 for instance I don't think he jobbed cleanly all through that year there was always some interference usually from Vince. Why isn't Cena on Rocks level also ? He's proven himself to be at least equal on the mic currently and Cena is probably better in ring whilst motivated. I don't mark for either guy but judging the head to heads Cena is about 3-1 up.
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  13. This. Good post.
  14. It really depends. What is WWE trying to accomplish with this match?

    Maybe Rock's just on a pedestal being a legend and all, but if Cena beats him, Cena haters won't respect him because he's better than the Rock. They won't think that because the top-star of this generation is better than the top-star of last, that this generation is better than the last. Cena marks will still be Cena marks, AE marks will still be AE marks, and Rock marks will still be throwing their stones. After a year of build, nothing will be accomplished.
  15. Rock has a 80 pedrcent chance of loosing
  16. Cena is equal on the mic and better in the ring!? FOH
  17. When motivated Cena > Rock. There is a reason Cena has received a 5* match rating but Rock hasn't. Also as for the promos I said currently so....



    What has Rock actually done since his return, thrown out childish jokes (which you claim to hate Cena for)? C'mon let's be honest here the only time Rock has gotten the upper hand on Cena has been with his concert.
  18. Rocks promos have been childish so far, he hasn't taken this as seriously as Cena has. That may be due to his absence from the business, but it doesn't excuse poor performance. Cena has beaten Rock in every promo, I believe WWE has just gotten very creative with plants and crowd effects. Neither music number was that bad, though.

    Does he deserve the win? Definitely. Will the Miami stadium agree? Probably not.
    Something is telling me Rock will win. I want Cena to win, though.
  19. If Rock wins it ain't clean, it'll set up a heel turn for someone.

    Only way I see Rock winning is Cena turning heel and getting DQ'd or something, or someone interrupting and costing Cena the match.
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  20. I'm sorry to have to be the one to point this out (not just to you; there's lots of people who seem to believe this), but Cena is bigger in the modern WWE than the Rock was in the WWE when he was a full-time performer. He's more important to both the present and the future of WWE than the Rock is. The Rock always had a foil. He had Stone Cold, HHH, Kurt Angle. With Cena, they've tried to create superstars to be on his level, but those guys have usually come up short. And while Orton and Punk have been pushed to his level, the WWE has (until last summer) been very hesitant to let one of those guys go over in the final analysis. They finally did with Punk last summer, then they turned him face, furthering the idea that Cena=Rock and Punk=SCSA. So, Cena has meant more to the WWE for the last few years than the Rock did for the majority of his career. I don't say this out of disrespect for the Rock, but out of respect for the business, the company, and John Cena.

    Cena needs to win the match. Like has been said before me, the only way Rock should win this match is if there is some kind of interference to make it a dusty finish. After Mania, the Rock's gone; Cena's still around, so Cena needs to win or else he loses credibility in all but a very few scenarios.

    Now, if a top face showed up to screw Cena by aiding a Rock victory (perhaps at the behest of Johnny Ace), then a Cena loss is credible. If the Rock is beating Cena and Cena has to do something despicable to win and thus turns heel, then it makes sense for Rock to look better than Cena. Remember, it's the show. The way the match unfolds has to drive the story. There are very few scenarios where a Rocky victory makes sense from a storyline standpoint.

    Having said that, this is a company who thought it made sense to have Natalya have the worst case of IBS in pro wrestling history, so ......... who frickin' knows?

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