Does Cena's Whole "Open Challenge" Shtick Make Anyone Think...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. ... that Rusev is almost certainly winning the United States Championship back at Extreme Rules now?

    Just a quick thought that I wanted to throw out there, but the logic is that the reason for the Open Challenge could be so Cena can interact with as many midcarders as possible, and in doing so, get as many successful title defenses under his belt as well since they plan on switching it back to Rusev in short order anyway. I mean, there was already a reasonable chance of Rusev regaining the championship in the rubber match anyway, but this whole weekly Open Challenge that Cena has going makes me think that there's now an even bigger chance of it happening.
  2. Could be. Opening Cena up for a potential feud with Rollins while he is still heel could be smart
  3. It could be that one of Cena's next opponents in the Open Challenge becomes bitter and enraged by their loss, and end up costing Cena the championship against Rusev out of spite. That gives you two separate programs going forth - Cena vs whoever cost him the title, and Rusev defending the championship against a new opponent.

    On another note, it'd be awesome if Kevin Owens was the one to 'answer' Cena's challenge the night after Extreme Rules by getting the jump on him from behind and brutalizing him and this was their way of bringing him up to the main roster. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for anyone who's an avid watcher of NXT), Owens is the NXT Champion and isn't likely to get called up anytime soon. But when he does, it'd still be great for him to be the one to take the US Championship from Cena if the title is still in his possession by then.
  4. Possibly.
    If Cena retained the championship at Extreme Rules, his fans might suddenly wonder why he isn't doing the open challenge any longer.
    It isn't as if the open challenge would continue forever, could it?
    On the other hand, is Rusev really the guy you'd want to give that kind of rub to?
    I'd personally would have preferred Stardust to rip the title away.

    Stardust is interesting and the crowd digs him. If he isn't main event material, he's certainly deserving of carrying the midcard division.
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  5. Eh, I'd rather see Rusev be the one to help cost Cena the belt in one of those open challenges and then maybe we get another personal feud match out of him and Cena. Then Rusev can move past the US title picture.
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  6. I'm fine with Cena having a lengthy reign, to be honest. No more ME for that mofo, unless he wants to put over younger talent CLEAN, but I don't think he has that in his contract. lol

    Let's face it, is there a person who's based in the midcard right now that's credible enough to defeat Cena? Bryan, perhaps?
    But, I sure as hell wouldn't want the US and IC title unification somewhere down the road.

    - I'm also not excluding the option of Rusev regaining the title at ER, so Cena moving on to ME and feuding with Rollins only to put him over while he's still a heel would be sweet.
    Hey, one can dream.

    Cena's being booked strongly as a midcard champion right now, that's good news.
    Given how the midcard champs are usually jobbing 99% of the time, the open challenge invitational's a good thing, it's going to bring back the prestige to the US title.
    And whoever gets to defeat Cena after his reign will get a huge rub.

    I'd really love it if either Balor/Zayn/Neville/DZ ended up defeating Cena [clean] for the title.
    But, knowing ole Vinnie Mac, Cena will prolly lose the title in a triple threat/fatal four-way without even eating the pin.
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  7. It's a good point. Perhaps that's where they're going, but I still think Cena is gonna hold the belt a while longer.
  8. Could be Cena usually has short regins anyway or this could be a way of making the title credible.If it is the latter they should be doing that with the IC and Bryan instead of the US and Cena. wwe will do all they can to make Cena look good so this fighting champion thing will be a on for a few months at least.
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  9. I think they'reg gonna give him another U.S title feud. Also rumors are saying that he's requested a new U.S title design. You usually don't do that if you're gonna have it for a month -- at best.
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  10. Maybe Vladimir Kozlov will return to challenge Cena for the title then Rusev will help him win thus forming the Soviet Alliance.
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