Does Dolph Ziggler need a new gimmick?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Aug 9, 2012.

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    There's no doubting the man's wrestling skills. He can put on a match. I think his personality needs some major changes. He comes off as a Y2J and HBK rip off. It's very noticeable. His mic skills don't help him. He does not stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Sure he is a "show off" but is that at very appealing?
  2. I would say he has a good gimmick at the moment, yes his mic skills could improve. The main thing I've been saying and a lot of people may agree is that he needs to distance himself from Vickie Guerrero. Dolph can draw his own heat he doesn't need her any more. That's the only change I would make.
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  3. He's only been on the mic a few times in the last several years XD dont think you can come to a conclusion about his mic skills :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: wwe need to give him more mic time
  4. He just needs to have more offence to back up that "show off" gimmick. I don't see how selling other wrestlers moves backs him up as a show off lmao.
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  5. Great seller, great at winding the crowd up without talking by playing his gimmick perfectly. Should drop Vickie soon and needs more offence so it looks like he can give a beating as well as take one!
  6. Nobody has a gimmick that suits them more than he does at the moment. Just get rid of restrictions on his moveset and let him talk more and it can take him to the ME, easily.
  7. What has already been said basically. Dude i insanely over. He stole the crowd at No Way Out and Money In The Bank. Is insanely charismatic and has a moveset to die for when he doesn't have restrictions.
  8. Everyone has already stated my opinion pretty much. A gimmick change isn't necessary but a few booking tweaks need to be done (no Vickie, more mic time, more offense) so he's perfect, as he plays this gimmick wonderfully in my opinion.
  9. A gimmick change isn't neccessary but a gimmick tweak is, at the minute he is a it generic imo, he just needs to push the fact that he is a showoff and showoff more imo.
  10. This.

    Dolph never used to be good enough on the stick to get heat, now he's more than good enough, ditch Vickie ffs and have her elevate a new star.
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  11. He just needs to drop Vickie only. Everything else is just perfect.
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