Does going over Jericho help superstars any more?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Got into a debate with George about it, and thought I'd make a poll. Curious to see if anyone thinks it does.

    Personally, I think not. I forget all the people Jericho has jobbed to, and everyone knows - with Fozzy - that he isn't committed enough to create any threat to any credible star, and the fact that he constantly loses just doesn't give anyone a rub. The Fandango win at Wrestlemania was billed as a fluke, and Jericho actually beat him the next PPV convincingly did he not? Did Fandango get any rub because of that? Nope. Fandango was over due to the awesome crowd deciding to sing his very catchy song - that's it. In my opinion of course.

    Anyway, does going over Jericho mean anything any more? Please vote.
  2. To actually be 'put over' by somebody the win has to be something of a surprise, or at least an 'upset'. Sheamus and Randy Orton effectively put over D-Bry because going by the booking of them compared to Bryan, you would expect them to win. With Jericho you know him losing is an absolute inevitability in a lot of cases, so you don't have that same reaction you would in other cases e.g The Shield beating Ryback, Sheamus and Cena, which IMO was one of the best examples of putting people over in the last year.

    One thing I will give Jericho is that he probably helped RVD, since he hasn't competed in WWE for 6 years it shows he 'still has it' and that he can work a 20 minute match and win. But it still doesn't make you feel like RVD is anything but an upper-midcarder.
  3. Maybe for guys like Fandango and that level but for anyone above that then no.Jericho is someone who loses all his big matches so its no big deal. Did his feud with Ziggler really put ziggler over? I say no
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  4. To smarks, probably not, except with a newcomer like Fandango. To casuals it probably still carries some value to see a guy go over Y2J.

    Did it help Ryback any? I don't think Ryback winning a triple threat math with Hulk Hogan and The Rock would help him at this point. He has been booked straight to hell.
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  5. Somewhat. When the guy is a new comer or someone really low on the card it helps. But for guys like RVD for example, yeah, no.
  6. It's one win more. It's like those guys that Ryback faced before facing the new guys.
  7. It depends how he is booked and what story is told. I believe he put over Fandango but his injury fucked him over.
  8. Yea a win against Jericho is the equivalent to beating a nameless jobber. Brilliant.
  9. Right now that's what I think tbh. He was a great wrestler in the past and I believe he's still that great but WWE isn't using him correctly.

  10. They are using him correctly. Jericho does so much outside of the WWE (TV, music etc) that he just doesn't have the time to commit to a real full time schedule. You don't give big pushes or title reigns to guys that aren't there all the time unless they are a big deal like the Rock or Austin.

  11. You are just wrong then, no two ways about it. For instance say Heath Slater came out tonight at the SD taping and beat Jericho cleanly 1,2,3. You think nobody would bat an eye? bullshit
  12. Dolph's hits bullseye.

    Jericho due to his limited schedule (he's there for like 6 months, then gone) means you cannot push him to the top, so logically he would lose to the guys they are pushing to the top. If a lower carder/younger talent beats him it will still benefit him.
  13. I know, but everyoneis defeating him at the PPVs, doesn't make sense to me because he's a great wrestler.
  14. Actual ring talent doesn't always equal winning at the ppv. Jericho is doing what a wrestler in his 40's with a long career should be doing. Putting over talent.
    What benefit would there be to Jericho, who is as stated over 40 years old and working a limited schedule going over younger talent who is going to be there in the long run if they aren't going to put a belt on Jericho or push him to the top anyway?
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  15. I wouldn't really care because he's losing to everyone. As Alkaline said, it's a logic thing if they make him lose to people who will be pushed, but he's losing to everyone...
  16. He is losing to the people getting pushed. Who has he lost to that isn't involved in some kind of program? It's not like he's losing to 3MB or Zack Fucking Ryder.
  17. I agree that he can put over talent, but doesn't make sense imo that he loses at every single PPV, at least they should give him one victory...
  18. The PPV wins don't matter for him. Because his character is still built to look dominant and believable on TV. And quite frankly, he's Chris fucking Jericho. He doesn't need it. The fact that he is Chris Jericho makes him credible.

    He's working monthly programs with younger talent that he is supposed to put over. Of course he will lose at the PPV. Him winning doesn't make sense and isn't needed.
  19. Interesting to note that ppl say Jericho cant have an ME push with only being there 6 months. Yet we all accepted The Rock bollocks? Now I know who I would rather have had that title.
  20. I would also prefer Jericho. But Rock is a bigger deal. Rock brings in main stream exposure on a completely different level than Jericho. So I understand why Rock gets a main event push/reign and Jericho doesn't.
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