Does it have to be him behind A&8's now? *Spoiler*

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  1. After last night's show, is Bully the only - and best - option to be the "leader" behind Aces & Eights?
  2. I just have this feeling that it's Hulk behind them. VP's voice, although altered, just has that Hoganesque tone to it. We know Hulk isn't afraid to go heel. What better way to do that then to turn on his daughter? I will agree that it seems like Bully is the one, but this gut feeling is telling me its the Hulkster brother. :hogan:
  3. Oh God that would be horrible.
  4. I agree with this OP dude, it's Bully Ray in what will turn out to be a mega swerve.

    You know how I know it? It'd make sense as the Aces & 8's constantly run away from him + check out TNA YT channel and the end of last night's show. I dunno if anyone noticed his smirky look at the camera after he huged Brooke.

    :russo: might be jizzing his pants after it happens. #RussoProud
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  5. Aaaaaannnnnnddd.... Bully Ray will be the best heel in the business again. :obama:

    Can't wait.
  6. More DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM and less brooke hogan? pls yes.
  7. I don't know that he's the "only" one necessarily, but I do believe he is the leader. Everything seems to be building up to that, especially after last night's episode.

    Unless, they're making it look that way just to really throw us off later then do a big swerve.

    BUT since Testify said it's's him. :testify:
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  8. Well, I don't know, but I'd love to see Bully as a heel again, so it'd be great.
  9. I think this will end with Bully and Devon teaming again.
  10. What doesn't make sense to me is why would he beat the crap out of his brother + other A+8s guy @ BFG? I get that wrestling likes to forget things that happen a few months ago if they don't fit into a story, but he referenced it two nights ago?

    Still, if it means him going heel I'm all for it.
  11. GET THE TABLES! :testify:
  12. I do not know about it but I know that Bully may have a link with A&E. And also Ray will win the World Title this year. He will benefit of being married with bosses girl.

    Mother fucking leader of Aces and 8s. Him and Devon teaming again, god i just finished.
  14. Why should Bully go back to teaming with Devon? Bully has had a breakout year as a singles wrestler and the TNA tag division is non existent. Bully and Devon back would not fix it since there are no teams to put them against except Bad Intentions. Ryan and Morgan are being misused and Chavo and Hernandez shouldn't be on TV.
  15. I just mean together, they both should stay singles. Bully is going for the world title and Devon will take a lower. Either way, you get to see them together on the mic weekly.
  16. Not exactly teaming, but you know.... What Aids said.

    LOL Bad "Intentions" :tysoN: Typo from NJPW?
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