Does Nikki Bella have heat for dating Cena?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 25, 2013.

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  2. >heat on a good female wrestler
    >no heat on a pair of chicks who are there for eye candy
  3. I don't know, but it doesn't really matter. Although McCool was a good worker.
  4. WWE Locker Room = high school.
  5. Nice little quote from McCool there at the end. Good for her.
    Still care nothing for the Bellas, but eh.
  6. The Twins never seemed to matter that much in the wwe. They were and still are, being used as arm candy.
    Who really cares who dates who as long as it don't effect your work in the ring?
  7. The only thing that made me like Nikki was her boob job.
  8. I'm not sure why it really matters to anyone in the locker room. A person's personal life should have nothing to do with the work they do for the company. If their personal life happens to continuously interfere with the quality of work they produce for the WWE, then that's the true concern. Other than that, what they do in their personal life is no one's business IMO.
  9. McCool was ok wrestler she was NEVER great like people and wwe gave creidt for. she did not desaved be woman champion for as long as she. she was being over used like she was Trish which was BS b/c she was NEVER in Trish and Lita league as a great Woman Wrestler yet was book like that. WHich belive was b/c of her dating Undertaker. Now she was diva champion yes i know before she starting taker. but if u notes after she started dating taker she was allsoed getting media push for the woman and diva titles. amd i don't desavred when u had a woman on the roster name MARIA who I said was better then her at Wrestling!
  10. Gohan, who's your favorite diva?
  11. Well probably because Undertaker is an old man and more plausible for the fact that she actually might be with him for success only.
  12. Nah, Taker's a badass. Chicks love badasses.

    Trust me, I know. Isn't that right, Britanica :ksi: :boss:
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  13. HE has heat from me for dating one of two, decently attractive twin women!
  14. When I was a kid it was Sable. but now my favorite is Trish S.!
  15. UH NO? B/c McCool has been retire for WWE for over 2 years and yet is still with Undertaker and is now having a kids with McCool.
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