Does Reigns still have doubters out there?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. The dude steals the show every time the Shield come out these days. Believe in Roman fucking Reigns as the next big star in the wrestling industry GOOBERS
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  2. reigns sucks he is just a big muscle guy vince likes big muscle guys thats the only reason hes there call me when he can do a romero special
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  3. Not at all I made my hope clear in the Goldberg vs Ryback thread that I hope if that match is meant to be happening, that Reigns spears Ryback before hand and challenges Goldberg as the true challenger.
  4. Reigns is the man and my hero. <333
  5. It's G00B3RS

    Yes, Reigns is the man.
  6. Also, I don't want to sound gay or anything, but I can't wait until he turns face and stops wearing the stupid Shield attire and comes out shirtless so I can fap to his luscious fucking bod



    LIKE i SAID, no homo though
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  7. That's pretty homo
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  8. Don't think there'a any legitimate doubters, but if you think me thinking he's slightly overrated is a doubt then yeah. I think the guy is fantastic and has a great look & future, but I don't personally think he's the best out of the trio.
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  9. Which part??

    edit: I said no homo
  10. lol you are just a blind Dean mark. Just because people don't want to lick Dean's tits as much as RR's doesn't make Reigns overrated hombre
  11. Can see why people think that considering I have Ambrose plastered everywhere on any online account I have, and I'm a self-confessed fanboy, but I am a fanboy for a reason. Ambrose I think is far more than just an upper-midcard player like most of you seem to think, and I personally think Reigns is a bit overhyped at the moment, but I can see his potential.

    Honestly, who doesn't want to lick Dean's tits? Worthy of a ban imo.
  12. fuck dean's tits dude. stop going off topic or I'll kill you

    post nudes of Reigns or scat, needle dick


    So many awkward questions would be at hand if people saw my google search history. 'roman reigns sexy' 'roman reigns nude'

    Whatever, I'd fuck the guy. anyone saying they wouldn't is just in denial
  13. Tbh, I'd fuck the guy, but only because there would be a chance Dean would show up and cut a mean promo during.
  14. I think even the biggest homophobe in the world would give it up for Roman.

    wait, let's test the theory. @Emperor Lelouch Britannia , would you fuck Roman Reigns? and/or let him fuck you?
  16. I don't doubt he'll become a huge star, but I'd prefer to see Rollins in the spotlight. Reigns is style with little substance. He looks good and he does a spear and...that's pretty much it. Rollins, on the other hand, could possibly become a HBK-like legend with the right opportunities.
  17. Reigns is my favorite out of the members of The Shield. He gets better each time he's in the ring. It would be nice to see him in more singles matches and continue to have opportunities to shine outside of matches with The Shield. I think he has great star quality and people already seem to be taking interest.
  18. @GrammarNazi82 and a couple others in the LD last night were hating. He is going to by far be the biggest of the trio.
  19. I always hated her :finger:
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