Does SmackDown need a WHC again?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. The show feels more irrelevant than ever. I'm not sure how the ratings are recently as I really haven't been following. I thought the unification of the titles would be somewhat temporarily, and I still do, but is SmackDown hurting without a notable champion? Honestly it's getting to the point where I'm thinking NXT is more kayfabe relevant and important than JobDown.
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  2. Ratings are doing well and the shows have been good. Smackdown isn't really hurting since Orton has been on most if not all the Smackdowns since the unification.
  3. I wish that there was a brand split again.... I say it in like every thread. Smackdown would be legit if the WHC & WWE split up and they had super feuds.
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  4. The end of the brand split killed Smackdown, not the end of the WHC. Everything major for the WHC still happened on RAW when it was around regardless. The brand split shouldn't be brought back either, not enough depth in the roster to warrant it.

    Regardless of its level of importance, it's still the best major WWE Show going right now since NXT has fallen a little flat. Great action every week.
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  5. I agree with leo that the brand split basically killed any 'importance' that Smackdown had. Now it is just Raw Jr w/ a side of Raw recaps.

    I disagree with leo that there isn't enough depth to re-implement a brand split. I think it could be done easily. Just keep all the major stars on Raw and let SD be the proving ground mixed in with a few veterans. Ziggler for face of Smackdown and everyone would instantly like the show more than Raw
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  6. Why? Its not going to main event ppvs and will just be a secondary title. There should only be one heavyweight champ with everybody else gunning for him, thats the point of wrestling. Smackdown should just be Midcard guys getting some time.
  7. why bother with Smackdown at all then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Midcard guys can have pointless matches on Superstars or those other jobber shows. Smackdown has been and should be a lot more than that.
  8. Um, no. That title needed to be put out of it's misery by the end. I'm still majorly disappointed with how they rushed the unification match for TLC instead of holding out till at least Wrestlemania, though.

    They did fine for awhile with having one champion headlining two different shows, so no reason why they can't do so again. The problem is, we have a boring world champion in the midst of a boring title reign. And I agree with Leo, there isn't a strong enough roster at the moment to warrant having two distinct brands at the moment. I know we have a lot of new stars coming up but they aren't there yet.
  9. If you build feuds up like IC ones then it does not have to be pointless and have that title and the US and tag titles defended more on it.

    Also this is what pisses me off about fans that say they want a better midcard but are quick to call these guys jobbers and demand even more focus on main event guys. It that attitude that makes it irrelevant.
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  10. The WHC itself still had miles more credibility than any title outside of the WWE title (not saying much). Just look at Ziggler's title winning moment, for a guy like him who'll most likely never win the WWE title, what other championship could have provided him a moment like that? People absolutely did care when he won it, and just because ADR's final reign was god awful doesn't mean the title had lost all credibility.

    Hell, it could have been great in The Shield's storyline. If you'd had Dean win the strap a few months ago, with Seth and Reigns cheating/interfering in his matches so he kept it until 'Mania, they could have had Reigns's big moment where he wins the WHC. Sure, he'll most likely still get big pops and a lot of momentum from his win at 'Mania (under the assumption that he does win), but it could have been a much more significant moment in his career if he'd won the belt and then carried it for a few months.

    I don't think the unification has given the WWE title anymore credibility, all it's done is remove their second most important title. I also disagree on the brand split, there's easily enough depth - probably more than in some years where the split was in place - they'd just need to improve their booking of certain guys.
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  11. woooooooooooo

    Someone agrees with me 100%! <3 you bb
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  12. You are back on the brand split bandwagon? Back when I suggested it a year or so ago you were definitively against it.
  13. Jono reply again. I'm not even getting into that. I swear you have no idea what situational means. I don't know anyone who legitimately doesn't want a brand-split, but if they're not going to do it properly then a brand-split is irrelevant. They have one of the best rosters they've had in years, why not have a successful brand-split with an actual relevant title leading it? Once again, I know no one who's against that. Ryan got it spot on.
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  14. lol wow. So all the opinions you used to have I am magically remembering it all wrong. good to know. Next Jono comment I'm booking a one way to Cornwall and broadcasting my murder/suicide on you fucking faggot
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  15. Yeah I really did.

    <3 u more Dolph's
  16. So one big moment warrants keeping a second world championship around? Meh. People popped for Ziggler winning it because both the casuals and the smarks love Ziggler, and it happening in front of a smark crowd certainly didn't hurt. His actual reign wouldn't have seemed anymore special to me than a reign with the Intercontinental Title, and I find the same is true of Sheamus' reign back in 2012. Without brand exclusive PPVs and without a brand split period, two separate world championships shouldn't exist imo. I also didn't find the WHC all that more prestigious than the IC and US Titles during it's final days. A world championship should be able to headline an event if need be. Do you honestly think feuds like Sheamus/Show, Ziggler/ADR, Sheamus/ADR, Ziggler/Sheamus, Cena/ADR, Christian/Orton, etc. would be worthy of headlining PPVs? Most of those seem like they'd make for good IC or US Title feuds, but not something I want to see main eventing.
  17. jonathreat
  18. Dolph literally becoming me :obama:
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