Does the chant make Daniel Bryan, or does Daniel Bryan make the chant.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. I know it's only been one Raw, but the :yes: chants were severely drained and not as loud as usual. It's almost like fans didn't know what to do, and the yes chants were much duller than usual.

    Do you think Daniel Bryan being so over caused the attitude era :yes: Pops

    Or is it just really fun to say yes?

    Do you have a theory?

  2. I think everyone is still not used to the Wyatt situation. Maybe next week or so they will start again. It may also depend on location. You get a louder reaction in different cities.
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  3. The Wyatt situation was very jarring and unexpected, so it definitely damaged his momentum a little. I just hope the angle actually goes somewhere and helps him in the long run.

    I think it was DB that made the 'Yes' chant, not the chant that made DB. I can't imagine any other wrestler getting over from screaming 'Yes, Yes, Yes.' It's a fun chant, sure, but that doesn't change the fact that people wanted to chant for him. I'd give more credit to DB's likability than the chant itself, IMO.
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  4. Well, Bryan just became part of the Wyatt Family and is technically supposed to be a 'heel' right now so I wouldn't expect that his YES chants at the moment would be at their loudest. I know you could make the argument that that shouldn't stop his fans from cheering him on in an attempt to try and encourage him to leave the Wyatts (I'm guessing that'll actually be the culmination of this whole thing, where Bryan is actually serious in devoting himself to the Wyatts but feeding off the energy and positive vibe of the audience still cheering for him is what causes him to snap out of it) but still, that crowd on Raw was just one crowd and I found them to be pretty dead and lifeless in general.

    Regardless, I've always thought the YES chant itself was just as over (if not more so) on it's own as Daniel Bryan himself was. I know they've chanted his name exclusively on occasion but 99.9% of his thunderous ovations have revolved around the YES chant. Other people who try to steal it (Big Show, etc.) can easily get the chant going themselves. I'm not saying that just any other wrestler could have gotten it over to the same degree, but it's no doubt a very easy and fun thing to chant all on it's own.
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  5. This video proves that anyone can get pop with a chant as simple as 'YES'..

    Sure DB helps make it the chant b/c he is so over and loved, but I think the chant really helped him reach that level
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