Does the GOAT need a non submission finisher?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Apr 1, 2013.

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    In the wwe its hard to get wins by submission especially if your a heel.
    You can get wins by this method over jobbers like kofi but it means little.

    So would Bryan be better off having a secondary non sub move like the Regal plex for example.
  2. Either a suplex or something (I'd love to see a delayed Saito or German suplex into a pin to be honest) or perhaps something like Tajiri's Buzzsaw kick. Since Bryan is known for his kicks.
  3. I thought he did. The one he kicked his opponent and said NO!NO!NO!
  4. His kicks could be used or the headbutt. The thought of Bryan's round house kicks coming randomly to end a match has me aroused.
  5. He should do the Spinning Heel Kick.
  6. saito suplex:yes: Like the idea of a buzzsaw kick as well.
    Would prefer a suplex as we don't see him busting them out that much due to the wwe style.
  7. Maybe he needs it, not always a submission finisher is the best, just in case I think he could have a corner finisher or something

  8. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  9. That roundhouse kick was dope. Something like that or a suplex would be great. Suplexes seem such a rarity in WWE now.
  10. I'm surprised that roundhouse kick hasn't been "banned" give it's a clear unprotected shot to the head. I mean, if they banned Orton's punt kick...

    Otherwise, it's a good pinfall finisher.
  11. He should just do what he did in 06. 15 elbow smashes to the face and the ref calls it because the other dude might be dead.

    He's a submission specialist, but Bryan could use any basic move to beat someone, and it would look realistic. The man could beat you with the eye poke of doom and I would still buy it.
  12. :bitw: Such a corporate name, just call him BITW
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  13. Imo, he doesn't need a non-submission as much as he just needs more of them. He was winning with the Guillotine Choke at one point, right? Well, why not keep using that? Would be cool to see someone who can just end a match at any time, with his opponent in any position.
  14. I'd prefer the Kick over any suplexes, he's built but not enough to convincingly pull it off as a finisher.
  15. Small package is required.
  16. For sure.

    I mentioned the Roundhouse but I'd like him using some Suplex as a finisher too.
  17. Haha this would be great.
  18. He used the Lady of the Lake into the no lock on Saturday morning slam once. I'd love to see him use Lady of the lake into a submission.
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