WrestleMania Does the stipulation give Brock Lesnar a chance of winnin?

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  1. Last night on RAW the stipulation was revealed that they would fight in a No Holds Barred match and if HHH loses his career will be over. Does this increase Brock's chances of winning now? HHH's career is more or less over anyway if you remove these one off appearances with Brock, as he's a hugely important guy backstage now and is being primed to take over from Vince. Why would he not bow out at the biggest stage of them all to Brock Lesnar?

    It's certainly made it more interesting in my opinion.
  2. It certainly opens up the possibility. I agree that Hunter's career is more or less over and having Brock take him out not only gives him a great send off, it also sets up for whoever Hunter picks as his on screen protege to finally send Brock away once Brock's contract expires.
  3. His contract was on WWE.com late last year, and he's dedicated to 'x' amount of wrestling matches per year of the contract, and will wrestle for 4 more years (from March 2nd 2012)

  4. Not really. They need to give Triple H some sort of restitution through this feud. If not by an official victory, then by some other way, perhaps destroying Brock after the match and still standing tall, in a "you won the battle, but I won the war" kind of way. But I honestly don't see Triple H bowing out for good because of losing to a heel. Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels didn't do it, I have doubts HHH will either.
  5. Even if HHH does lose, it in no way means he's gone for good. We all know that a loser leaves town/retirement match is not a forever thing in professional wrestling. They're trying to add some drama to the match instead of making it what it should be, an all out blood bath.
  6. If he does lose, they'll just have an "unsanctioned" match at WM30 and Big Nose will go over then, as Brock leaves the company. Yawn.
  7. WMXXX:

    Rock/Cena III
    HHH/Lesnar III

  8. I think it won't give him a better chance to win, remember why everyone called HHH "the cerebral assasin"? He can go there with his hammer and kick Brock's ass
  9. I still can't picture Brock going over.
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  10. Oh hell no, that bold shit. It fuck suck if that ashley happen, end of story, case closed.
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  11. glad i'm not alone in this, I just don't think Trips will ultimately job to him at WM.
  12. Does make me think Lesnar may win.
  13. Bumping thread:

    What's going to happen at WM30? He's facing Rock, Taker, or HHH again, isn't he?

    What happens either way? If Big Nose wins, Brock's momentum is really hurt now that he's lost both of his feuds, meaning he'll have to feed on some other guys who probably shouldn't be jobbing to Lesnar just to look credible enough to face a legend.

    But if Lesnar wins, he'll probably have a rematch with God at WM30, so he'll have to keep his momentum going...

    Is there any way to book this to actually benefit another young talent?
  14. His credibility won't be lost at all. Triple H's cred wasn't either even though he lost his last two matches. Nothing will change that Triple H tapped out cleanly in their first encounter. Guys like Lesnar, Triple H, Cena, Rock and Undertaker are almost bulletproof when it comes to losses, they would have to job several times in a row before people start to think they're no longer that credible (and even then I'm not sure, but people will get burned out on them returning for big matches after awhile. The aura and novelty can only last so long.)

    Lesnar will likely face The Rock at Wrestlemania, given how much hype and mainstream attention that match would get. I just pray it isn't for the WWE Title, what with the rumor today of Lesnar winning the title.

    It's hard to predict who all those guys will face because it's a year away and who knows what level guys like Ryback, Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins and others will be at by then. Any of them could end up getting a match with one of the established elite.
  15. Silly Rain, thinking the WWE actually cares about young talent :pity:.

    Just wait till Rock vs Cena XXI and they have Wheel Chair ramps down to the ring.
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  16. There are ways, yes. But they won't do it.
  17. The first part seems to be lost on a few people on here, I've heard Brock won't have any momentum when he jobs to Trips, it's baffling IMO.
  18. What's especially odd is that Brock/Undertaker was the match everyone wanted to see, and Lesnar certainly wasn't walking out of that match victorious either. But no one said he'd have no momentum because of it.
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  19. Yeah, my main gripe with HHH/Lesnar is that they're wasting two guys (if HHH doesn't want to job, one, but still) who could put over young talent. Lesnar/Taker would've been the same, and Lesnar losing won't kill his momentum as you said.
  20. The only way I'm gonna be able to stomach a HHH win is if HBK comes in and superkicks Brock into a pedigree as revenge for last year. It's the only possible way for WWE to book themselves out of this corner IMO. HHH gets his moment and Brock's credibility isn't affected.

    Additionally who wouldn't mark like fuck for HBK?
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