Does the United States Championship even matter anymore?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Liquid7778, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. I just got back into WWE in late 2012. So far, from what I have seen, the United States title isn't even defended anymore. I mean, there has been 1 or 2 times, but that's it. The title used to be relevant, along with the IC title. The IC title is still defended but does not hold anywhere near the importance that it used to.
  2. imo It's only within reach of people who don't want it.. and the rising stars that do aren't anywhere near the US title picture.. I feel it should be up for grabs to mid to low-carders.. that would also make it clear that the IC title is much more prestigious..
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    I don't know what WWE will do with it.
  4. Payback? You mean the night after Hell in a Cell.......
  5. Forgot about that. XD
  6. It's the most boring belt ever
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  7. The US Title hasn't meant anything for at least two years. The last real feud it had was Ziggler vs Ryder.

    Ziggler gave Ryder a hellacious rub with a brilliant feud and WWE turns around and jobs Ryder out to Swagger lickity split before he jobbed to Santino who then never appeared on TV with the belt.
  8. I think the US Title (and the IC Title to a lesser extent) are in a state of flux while they decide what to do with the WHC. If they continue the title unification between the WWE and WHC (which will mean the WHC fading into oblivion), then the US Title will regain some prestige and become more visible. If they split them again, then the US Title will continue as it has been, mainly being irrelevant (I mean, they had a recent title defense on NXT if I'm recalling correctly...I'm not even sure if it was televised).

    The other option would be to re-split the main event titles and build a new brand split (this apparently has been talked about, although I don't know how seriously) and have the US Title again be treated as on a par with the IC Title, but on the opposite brand from the IC.

  9. No, that would be the Diva's Championship. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  10. TBF, the divas belt brings tits. The US belt only brings occassional man tits.
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  11. You do have a point... :hmm:
  12. Ok it's the most boring male belt haha
  13. In all honesty the NXT title seems to have more worth nowadays.
  14. But look at AJ, she doesn`t even have tits,but if Nattie won it...:fap:
  15. So the US Champion has bigger tits and a bigger ass than the Diva's champion? :pipebomb:
  16. To me, it is a weak belt. Like anyone who has it usually doesn't want it because it lost any prestige it once had. Seems like they will hand it over to guys who don't need it and screw over guys who do need it to build character. That is how I view the belt... A stepping stone, one that you may never get any higher then.
  17. Might as well get rid of it to be honest. The fact that it exists makes the IC belt just that much more worthless. I hope they get rid of it either my combining it with the IC belt at some point or changing it entirely into something like a TV title that needs to be defended once or twice a week.
  18. The IC title is worth much more, but even that speaks for itself. The US title doesn't matter anymore, it's just a shiny new toy and it's been at least a year since it was even in a good feud; Ziggler vs Ryder. I'd make Ambrose drop it so Cesaro and Swagger can feud over it.
  19. It hasn't meant anything since 2007 in my opinion.
  20. They were talking about unification of the US and IC title belts in some Big E/Ambrose match recently. I'd be fine with that (even though it would be fine to have two midcard belts with the WHC gone I don't really trust them to use it decently, so).
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