Does the WWE need an open letter from the fans to listen?

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  1. I am to the point where I remembered just why I stopped watching. I feel like they are doing what it takes to just make money off of the show, that is it. They are keeping just relevant enough to have people tune in but crappy enough to have them question why every week.

    Do they need an open letter from the fans to express how boring the programs have been? Aside from a few things going on, it has been crap. Think of how much worse it would be without Brock and Heyman alone. I am not expecting a return of the attitude era, nor do I want one (the matches were short, sexism ran rapid, and most of the wrestlers were meh in the ring) but really, they have been so much better before. What is going on? Is Vince not caring as much as he used to? Are the writings struggling to come up with new ideas? Are some of the wrestlers not happy? I don't get it.
  2. WWE simply doesn't care, brother. An open letter from the fans wouldn't change a damn thing.
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  3. A lot of people complain week in, week out and yet still tune in the following week. The only thing that would make a difference would be Network subscribers cancelling.
  4. I see the same issue with a lot of things, even sports fans. I actually will turn off the program or the game if it is awful. I don't just tolerate it. This is what sucks though, not enough people would agree to unsubscribe or put off raw for just one week.
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  5. You are probably right. Uggg... Well I guess we just hope for the best but damn, it seems to be getting worse and worse. Then Wrestlemania pops up and fans are hooked again. Then begins the never ending cycle. I swear they do this on purpose.
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  6. I think Vince wants to kill his own company on purpose, so then when he dies, he won't have to empower Hunter or Steph. lol
  7. Or maybe he secretly wants another company to come out and give them a run.... Nah. I am going with that he gets his money, he don't care. HHH and Steph are the ones that will deal with it when he passes.
  8. I used to be the same, thinking 'I'll give it another week, maybe it'll be better next time'
    But since my free time is pretty limited I've quit doing that. I read the results and if it sounds garbage I just won't waste my free time. Like you, I doubt others will start unsubscribing anytime soon.
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  9. It is a damn shame too. Things wont change until the fans take action or they hire new writers.
  10. That change you've made is admirable. Hope you're enjoying ICW, PROGRESS and RPW, though! :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. When you're working up to 50 hours in a week your free time sudden becomes very precious, I mean I try to keep up with what's going on in WWE.
    I have tickets for Progress this weekend, so I'm really excited for that already.
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  12. Yeah, I'd most likely be doing the same thing as you, if I wasn't an unemployed bum.
  13. WWE has a company policy of throwing any letters regarding the booking/product into the paper shredder. Legit
  14. You could try watching other promotions instead of whining like a school girl. Just my two cents.
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  15. Also that^.

    There's a lot of good wrestling out there to watch
  16. The wwe doesnt give a shit about anything but the main 3 in power, period. You could write until your fingers were covered in blood and NOTHING would change.
  17. No need to attack my weekend activities.
  18. If only their writers would lol
  19. Believe it or not, Vince McMahon doesn't consider WWE to be a family owned business.
    He's okay if majority ownership of the company is eventually shared by outside people provided they keep the machine running.
    It may not matter much, but if HHH/Steph or Shane's kids don't want in the family business Vince wouldn't be 'turning in his grave'.
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    WWE has on their Corporate website that no letters, storyline ideas or other ideas/details about the WWE product will be opened or read. But even if they did allow them, why would they listen to a small chunk of their fanbase that gives enough shits to write to them about it?

    Realistically, if I ran a company in the same position that WWE is in, I would't give the least bit of fucks to care. At the end of the day, we all still watch the product and feed the machine. It's completely contradictory and WWE knows that we all will continue watching because their the easiest way to go for some wrestling. It's quite monopolistic, but nothings gonna change that.
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