WrestleMania Does this WrestleMania seem... Overbooked?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Mar 29, 2016.

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  1. Like I get having the following all the title matches and then the few extra big matches (Brock vs Ambrose and Shane vs Taker) but beyond that... why have more!? What is the point of the Usos and the Dudleys? And André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is such a joke match and it is only the third time they are doing it.

    Not to mentioned the US belt and the IC belt seemingly switched roles...

    Idk it seems over booked when looking at it on a list. Maybe I am overestimating things, but it does seem like a lot going on in comparison to past WMs.
  2. Not over booked. They're filling some gaps and trying to give certain stars their "moment."

    They have 4 hours and I have a feeling the budget matches will have more time.

    Taker and Shane - 30 mins
    Triple h and Roman 25 mins
    Brock and Dean. 30 mins.
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  3. 5 if you include the kickoff, and I'm sure that's where the ATGMBR will be on. Don't worry, there will plenty of time for legend segments, celebrity performances, and Snickers plug-ins.
  4. Nah, Usos/Dudleyz.
  5. It's gonna be 6 hours long, product wise can be good
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  6. Actually the main card has just as many matches at the previous two of have had. The kick-off has no effect on the show especially since it's two hours long. SmackDown has more matches than that and still has time for everything else.
  7. Overbooked? Nah, I don't think so.

    But speaking of overbooking, I hope they don't overbook that Lesnar vs Ambrose match, it's literally the only thing on the show I care about and having The Wyatts interfere and cost either man the victory would be really lame.
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  8. My dream for Lesnar vs. Ambrose is an interference of the Wyatt Family with everyone being wiped out except Bray and then they enter into a 3-way brawl. Not necessarily a triple threat, but Lesnar and Ambrose with Wyatt attacking them too.
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  9. Eww, that's hella lame.

    I would hate it if the match ended in any sort of interference. IDGAF who wins the match, but if they book it right, Ambrose comes out looking like a star even in defeat and Brock remains, well BROCK FUCKING LESNAR.
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  10. Snickers...
  11. Shane vs Taker
    Reigns vs HHH
    Lesnar vs Ambrose
    Y2J vs Styles

    Those are all wrestlemania quality matches. The rest of the event seems like they are trying to get everyone on the card and fill 6 hours of wrestling.
  12. I'll be overbooking my boot going straight up your candyass!
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  13. Like... Agree... Funny... Burn... AND Zing? Someone needs a a sideways medal. :hmmm:
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  14. More like The People's Champion medal

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  15. No way. Not overbooked at all. I felt like last year was under booked in a way. My first taste in 10 years and it had like 5 matches. Then rewatching a few old manias they had Hella matches.
    The big difference is: 14 15 years ago matches were shorter but usually very action packed. With the main events usually taking a little longer. Now it seems everymatch is a marathon. Hell even on raw sometimes there's 1 or 2 commercial breaks in 1 match. They spend alot of time rolling around and being soooo hurt. And often times I find myself changing the channel for a bit or just skipping chunks at a time if recorded. Up til the point the action heats up again and watch from there.

    I don't know. I mean I still like wrestling and enjoy the product, it's just a really watered down version of what I was used to. Too bad everything evolves. I honestly think creative should use their wwe network and revisit some of the old formulas and learn from that. More action = more interest
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  16. It wasn't overbooked. They even slid in The Rock vs Wyatts, then The Rock and Cena against the Wyatts. LMFAO, The Rock beat Rowan in 5 seconds! Made The Rock look like Super Cena.

    Cena appeared, but didn't do much for obvious reasons.
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