''Does TNA Copy WWE Storylines?''

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  1. Found this stupid video, and it made me lol.

    @Action Jackson , that you?
  2. All wrestling promotions lift ideas from each other and tweak it and add their own touch to it. TNA has borrowed from WWE, WWE has borrowed from TNA (does no one remember the New Age Outlaws ripping off Bad Influence's Dumb and Dumber costumes? And then there's a few other things...), both companies have stolen from angles that other promotions have done in the past, etc.
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  3. yeah like wwe bringing back the nwo 10 years after we stopped caring
  4. I love it when people think it's a crime to use similar ideas from another wrestling promotion.
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  5. why is it so hard to come up with original ideas?
  6. Let's see. The industry has been around for nearly 60 years, and although storylines didn't play an integral part in wrestling back then, it certainly did throughout it's evolution through each promotion. Ideas are hard to come up with after they've been trying for so many years.
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  7. because they don't have me on creative
  8. This. Plus, wrestling is a brand of entertainment that I find to be much more limited in it's potential storylines than, say, the film genre is. Not that movies don't suffer from a similar thing, but wrestling all comes down to the basic "two guys don't like each other, come up with a reason to have them fight in the ring", and there's only so many different ways you can get to that point. Wrestling follows a strict formula even more so than other genres of storytelling do.
  9. thats like saying "musics been around for thousands of years new songs are hard to come up with after so many years."
  10. That statement is true though.
  11. meh

    I think there are plenty of ways to set up a wrestling match that haven't been explored
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  12. Thing about that is it's way too hard to be "original" because any promotion out there could've done the idea first, and then everyone else jumps down the promotion who uses its throat and complains about copying.
  13. TNA should copy WWE ratings, not storylines
  14. Lol'd at Zema Ion being Justin Gabriel
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  15. Dixie copies WWE storylines cos she cant think of her own ideas and her business is going down the toilet
  16. Holy fuck, just watched the video. Just shows how stupid some ppl can really be... So basically to these gentlemen everyone on TNA is a ripoff of someone in WWE? How do these morons get through with this terrible shit?

    They said Zema Ion is Justin Gabriel, Bromans are Zack Ryder, and read this one carefully.... Kaz & Daniels are Miz & Morrison.

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  17. The Don Tony show? :gtfo: with that, just pure shite even by wrestling podcast standards
  18. Hahaha yeah. That's what made me laugh, just a couple of retards.

    Yes, I know companies steal ideas from each other, that wasn't the point of this vid you dumbasses :harvey:
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  19. Couldn't stop laughing when he made a connection saying Bad Influence copied Miz & Morrison. That's hilarious.
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  20. Typically every "original" idea is an adaption on something that's already been done.

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