Does Vince have one more storyline left in him?

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  1. He is easily the best boss power heel WWE has and will probably ever have, he's perfect to get someone over as a face and heel. Sure, he's a face now and receives a lot of cheers naturally, but he can turn instantly and it will make sense -- it's Vince. So, does he have one more in him? If so, how would you use him? Corporate stable? Corporate champion?
  2. I'm sure he can still play his regular role very well, but I'd only like to see it if it's to put someone over. If he's supposed to feud with some returning legend or similar no thanks. Maybe he could lead a corporate stable that's involved in main event storylines though, that'd be nice.
  3. Vince is the go to guy of putting someone over, he has a fetish for making himself look stupid on TV to help a superstar. That's one plus for the guy. He can't however bump like he used too, I don't think he can actually bump at all, but I'm sure he can take a finisher here or there? The story would be used to put over the heel and the face the heel is feuding with. I too think it should be with new stars, I was thinking Wade Barrett as the heel and perhaps Punk or tweener Bryan as the face (has to be a badass anti-corporate style face though imo).
  4. Yeah, in that case it'd be nice. But I'm also pretty sure he can't bump.
  5. :hmm:, perhaps align him with Johnny Ace who can take the bumps lol. Don't know, I don't think it's necessary.
  6. Neither do I, I just think it's an interesting point for us to have in mind. He can put someone over as a main eventer without taking bumps.
  7. I'd definitely have an improved (and obviously more scripted) version of the Summer of Punk. To be honest Triple H turning heel along with Steph and siding with Vince along with a young guy, I don't know who though, someone who's believable as a dominant heel that needs the rub. And fueding with someone like face Punk and Heyman.

    Apart from this I can't think of anything else he could do as a heel. The problem is they really need an anti-establishment face like Austin or Punk but I don't see anyone who is capable of playing the role. The nearest thing I can think of is a aggressive tweener Bryan. It would be a little more unorthodox but with the whole RoH background it could definitely work if they had the balls to mention it. I don't know exactly how I would book the fued but yeah it could work.

    He definitely has a run or two left in him, I just hope we get to see it one day.
  8. I think he's got a storyline or two left if he wanted to. I would really like Vince to get Drew McIntyre over after all his "Chosen one" was about Vince McMahon especially hand picking him.
  9. I want to see another Vince vs Stephanie I quit match.
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  10. :eww:
  11. I sure hope so. He's always played the big bad boss character the best. I honestly hated HHH and Johnny Ace trying to do it, they really just didn't suit it.

    However he probably doesn't. He's getting up there in age (66) and probably doesn't want to be in the spotlight for that much longer. Probably the reason he was taken off of the kayfabe COO role last year.
  12. I'm inclined to say yes just because Vince is such a great character and thus I can imagine him working well with a babyface or a heel to get them over in some capacity, if the opportunity presented itself. But at the same time, he's already done the "Evil Boss' thing enough over the years, and he's always been way more effective as a heel than as a babyface. And the last thing I especially want to see is him leading some sort of corporation stable. I think Vince's best role at this point is to pop up every now and again, like with Johnny Ace a couple of months ago. I think it makes him more effective as the boss of the WWE, when he only rarely appears on TV at all, it makes it feel more special when he does.
  13. Yeah he can be a heel corporate guy again. It could bring up ratings, he can feud with a stable lead by a main event superstar, like maybe John Cena, but have lots of midcard guys involve, even have Cena put over. It would be good to use the wrestlers they aren't using currently like Alex Riley, Tyson Kidd, and Justin Gabriel for John Cena. Then give Vince guys like Mason Ryan, Ezekiel Jackson, and Drew McIntyre. That way Cena's team could be like underdogs since they have smaller guys and it'll be easier to get behind them, and they'll get more TV and credibility. Also add a midcard championship to this feud, maybe the United States championship to it, since it could help bring prestige, and the world championship can have it's own separate feud.
  14. @[Vince McMahon] do you have another story left in you?
  16. :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:
  17. Not sure why everyone wants another corporation stable. Let's leave 1999 in 1999 please
  18. You could just answer the OP question.
  19. anyone who is involved in a vince storyline is sure to become the face of the wwe .. hopefully if there is another storyline they will use somebody young and talented


    inb4 it's hornswoggle
  20. It's Vince, if it makes him money he'll do it. He could do one more story easily IMO, he's been told not to bump but I doubt he gives a fuck tbh.
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