Does WWE actually think we're all complete idiots?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 22, 2012.

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  1. "If any WWE superstar inteferes in the match, they will be immediately terminated."

    "Big Show signed the deal on Saturday"

    :dafuq: :facepalm:
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  3. Still a facepalm error.
  4. Such a rofl indeed. Horrible.
  5. That was stupid. I heard Cole correcting that later on, saying that a "verbal agreement" between Show and Ace happened and that the written deal was only signed on Monday. :dawg:
  6. So Big Johnny did hire him on Saturday but didn't actually put it on paper till Monday. So smart. :yay:
  7. Oh contraire. We all think WWE are complete idiots.
  8. WWE Creative just doesn't give a shit anymore.
    That show went beyond bad writing, it reeked of apathy. Ironic that it happens AFTER they sign Paul Heyman.

    I love how people love to rip into TNA's plotholes and bury the life out of them, but they are going to give WWE somewhat of a free pass on this. These aren't plotholes, there's just little bitty pieces of plot floating in space.

    Edit: explains everything (unless it doesn't)
  9. WWE does not care about us anymore, all what they care about is Money money yeah yeah :kiss:

    nowadays i barely watch WWE, i only catch up with the news :bury:
  10. Duh, OP. Of course WWE thinks and wants their fans to be idiots and sheep.
  11. Yes WWE think we are idiots and that we forget everything thats happened in the past
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