Does WWE need to get rid of the jobber matches?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. I was reading Dolph's excellent discussion on 2011 being better than 2012, and a big part of why this year has been so bad really dawned on me:

    Virtually every single push has failed, at least in the eyes of the IWC.

    The most obvious example is Sheamus, where he wins the title in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania, gets booked like an absolute monster and wins every match clean with a brogue kick twice a week, and it's such a boring, repetitive cycle that the crowd has started tuning the guy out whenever he shows up, and here in the IWC he's like the NWA Ric Flair, with a never-ending title reign as we all cross our fingers hoping "this is the guy, this is the guy who'll set up Ziggler for his cash-in". Oh, and if they think he's a top draw... 2.5

    You see Antonio Cesaro, who squashes jobber after jobber and nobody cares because his character makes him uninteresting beyond belief. There's Brodus Clay, who they swerved us and gave him the weird gimmick which gave him instant momentum, but that momentum ran out within a month. And the big one... Wade Barrett, who got us all excited with epic video packages, and after a random, unhyped return, rejected Lil' Wayne theme music, and 2 squash matches later, every single bit of that interest has died away and he's arguably never been more irrelevant. The jobber matches have only worked for one guy, and that's Ryback, who's always able to keep them fresh and entertaining.

    Otherwise, you can directly point at jobber matches or constant, uninteresting victories as a prime culprit as to why guys in WWE aren't getting over the way they should be. So, here's my challenge to you guys: Find someone on the roster, and give a good example of how to turn that guy into a solid main eventer. Go.
  2. Let me start by saying Lil' Wayne is garbage.

    The problem isn't the jobber matches because it's seem to have done the work for Ryback. The problem is the superstars themselves. Sheamus is not main event talent IMO and he sucks on the mic. Then he gets this POS match with Bryan at Wrestlemania who the fans were going wild for and they give the belt to Sheamus. That was Bryan's night and now Sheamus is parading around with the belt and making smackdown more irrelevant than it already is. If Sheamus actually had an HQ match (which Bryan could have gave him) maybe he would be more sucessful, but WWE had to save time for that Tyler Perry segment with Brodus Clay. This brings me to my next thing, I'm not gonna lie. Brodus Clay's gimmick was hilarious, but after a while it's just repetitve. Dance, win, dance is what I've been seeing every week up until now where he's been jobbing. Brodus gets very little mic time which has hurt him because his character is not the same as Ryback's, he needs to talk. If Brodus doesn't change his character now he'll end up like Santino.
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  3. Antonio is someone who I think can be a main eventer, or at least get the US Championship back on track. He is a great ring worker, being booked very strong, and takes pride in being the champion since he always brags abut being the US Champion, and always has the championship with him. The only thing that needs work is a gimmick and a feud. If he gets in a feud with someone good, or someone that's getting built up good, then the prestige of the championship would raise and he would look extremely good.

    Alex Riley is someone I can see getting built up, I say get in a feud with a heel Great Khali to get some interest in him again, after all people love rooting for the little guy in a David vs Goliath type of feud, and brings suspense if the matches are long enough and done right, and make everything against Riley at most times. After that feud, go for a midcard championship, probally the US Championship with Antonio and continue it for a while. Then after a few months give the championship to someone else, and at this time he would compete for the Money in the Bank, but lose the match. I say set him up for this just to get him in the main event spot, and usually Money in the Bank participates are pushed well at the time they win the chance to go in the match, and the Pay-Per-View itself to look like main event wrestlers. After that just keep pushing him into a World championship spot and that should carry on from there, as long as he gets into a decent feud.
  4. It's hard not to have jobber matches when WWE's booking essentially makes every heel a jobber and every face a superhero
  5. Jobber matches do nothing for people, the audience doesn't like it, unless the wrestler getting over is Ryback he doesn't get nothing from it and the jobber... yeah. It would be easier not to have them if more people were actually built well, too.
  6. Jobber matches themselves are relevant, else you can never really build up a strong strong competitor. But if you're going to do them, make them worthwhile. Ryback's for example were at least different with 2 vs 1 and a move he can pull off on 2 wrestlers at the same time, that was the draw to his matches. Mark Henry had jobber matches for a while iirc during his awesome reign, and it works because it has relevance usually. Jobber matches for NO reason are pointless, as you can see by the examples you have so rightfully provided. The reason people are interested in superstars and RAW in general is the shock factor, something can happen tonight that you've not seen before. Well, if you see Brodus Clay every single week destroy someone and dance, why would you go bananas over him this week?

    So yes and no, jobber matches can be relevant and good if used properly, otherwise they're stupidly pointless and just lazy booking.
  7. They serve a purpose, but WWE clearly doesn't get the purpose they are supposed to serve. If you are introducing a new character or gimmick then a few squash matches to help the audience get acquainted with them is fine.

    What isn't fine is Brodus Clay squashing jobbers for 10 straight months. That is pointless
  8. Agreed, bro. :pity:
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