Does Ziggler look bigger to anyone else?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Guy seems to have jacked up a ton. He must have worked pretty hard. We all know he'll remain a jobber though :((.

    But yeah, did anyone else notice that? Also, whilst we're on the subject of Ziggler, how would you book him? Personally, I'd have him destroy ADR and become WHC as I haven't watched any of the ADR build since he's been champ (apart from his series with Ziggler ofc). He is the most boring champion I've ever seen.
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  2. Ziggler looks the same to me, I think that's just you fantasizing again.

    Yeah I agree though, Ziggler needs to be back in the WHC picture and something feels very off about his position now, especially since SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER he got beat by Ambrose cleanly
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  3. Del Rio/RVD isn't over. Ziggler is still stuck doing nothing, like always.
  4. Just you Crayo I think. He doesn't seem physically larger to me.
  5. I think he'll do nothing important for the rest of the year then win the Rumble to face Sandow for the WHC at WM30.
  6. Roid freak? :steiner:

  7. Ziggler will win the Rumble right after Santino wins MITB.
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  8. I didn't notice.

    Poor guy deserves better. I still remember the crowd that RAW after WM when he cashed it in. It was comparable to the responses Daniel Bryan gets now IMO. So what the hell?
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  9. I just remember seeing his pale ass last night :woo1:
  10. Crayo is fantasizing again. Stick to Ambrose hun. :pity:
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  11. Hard to tell when someone is always on the mat getting pinned.
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  12. Was focusing on his butt the whole time, didnt notice anything else. :fap:
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  13. What if Ziggler getting put on the back burner was a part of a storyline?
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    Didn't really notice it, but it may be the case. Although for me the thing with Ziggler last night was losing clean, a little bit... eh
  15. How would that make sense? Jobbing cleanly to Ambrose conflicts with that idea.

    Ziggler optimists need to cut it out. He will never get the push we all feel he deserves in all loklihood.
  16. Ziggler beat him clean tonight.
  17. Too tired to explain, you win
  18. well gee thanks for that
  19. np
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