Dog euthanized for having "demons".

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Shadow, Oct 29, 2013.

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    A 12-week old puppy was put down last Tuesday at animal control because according to the staff there it was filled with demons. The puppy's fate has Elaine Buchhorn up in arms.

    "It really hurts to see this is the way they manage the facility," she said.

    She fostered the puppy her son found for about a month and she worked hard to find "Baby George" a home before dropping him off Friday, Oct. 11 at the shelter. The Chihuahua-Dachshund mix was euthanized last Tuesday.

    "It did go after one of our employees. The employee left it alone, because it is a younger animal we wanted to give it some time to relax, went back a second time and it did try to bite her again. It was showing aggression," explained Billie Zercher, executive director of the Humane Society.

    "That just doesn't sound like the dog I brought in. I said, please check your records this does not sound true," Buchhorn said. She kept the puppy around her other two dogs and her toddler granddaughter while she was fostering it.

    A Facebook post on the Humane Society page only fanned the flames.

    "They had posted they were sad they had to put this puppy down it was filled with demons and showed aggression," Buchhorn said.

    "What it was meaning was something was causing this animal to be aggressive. It was unknown why," explained Zercher. She could not quote the exact post, but said a board member posted the message, which has been deleted.

    Zercher stands by the decision to put the put to sleep. "Under our shelter policies, anything that shows aggression can't be put up for adoption," she said.

    Buchhorn is still upset. "I was willing to take the dog back. It didn't have to be euthanized," she said.

    Buchhorn signed a release form when she dropped off the puppy, releasing the rights of the animal to the Humane Society.

    There is a petition online to prosecute the person who authorized the euthanasia. So far, it has about 14 signatures.

    Apparently this happened in Texas,it was on the local news here so I thought I'd share it with y'all,fuckin' Texans.:dawg:
  2. I guess this staff wasn't aware that it's the 21st century, not the 12th, and that demons aren't real. Demanding that the person who put it to sleep be persecuted is going a bit far, though.
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  6. The dog probably had to go to the bathroom.
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  8. What a bunch of retards. I don't mind people believing in this shit but killing a healthy animal over it is retarded.
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  9. Come on shadow you shoulda just chucked a gernade all would have been fine.
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  10. Hey have you met a Crock of shit? It's got your name on it.

    That shit is ridic and just animal violence with a kind name on top of it. Fuck those redneck idiots.
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  11. I like my own shit there. High five, aidman.
  12. Texas: We're A Bunch Of Shitheads
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