Dog has a tick

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  1. And I'm too fucking scared to pull it out.

    1) I hate anything insect-like, because I basically have a vagina. Seriously, I hate them.
    2) I know pulling out ticks is dangerous, because if you leave the head or anything still inside (which is definitely possible), your dog can get a disease of some sort. I'm clumsy as fuck.

    My option right now is to wait for Mum as she's awesome at this stuff. Any of you ever pulled out ticks from a dog, or yourself? I hate leaving that blood-sucking jobber inside my dog though. Soon as it's out, I'm gonna let my dog kick its ass before I burn it.
  2. :lol1: Oh your poor dog. I've pulled them off myself twice I think, when they were still tiny and had just gotten attached. I usually let someone else handle them on my pets just because as much as I hate to admit it once they've been attached and gotten "juicier" I have a harder time dealing with pulling them off, eww. Anyway, isn't there supposed to be something where you put liquid soap on a cotton ball and rub that over the spot where the tick is for a minute and the tick lets loose itself? Haven't tried it, but heard about it. Good luck! :otunga: Your mum sounds awesome.
  3. So thankful you replied as you're the one member I can count on being as big a dog fan as myself. Anyway, I saw a video showing that very thing with the soap and stuff, and it worked for the majority. However, I suck at it, and this tick is as overweight as Xanth. He's had a great meal it seems. I opened the fur up and saw its legs or something at the bottom and nearly flipped my shit, because at the time I had no idea wtf a tick even was. I'm Cornish, we don't get that stuff. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Some people complained the method didn't work, but I expect they didn't drown it enough. The good thing is though it apparently keeps the hair down so you can always find the tick again, lol. I just constantly fear the longer its in there the more chance he's going to get some disease, but he's going vets anyway on Monday to get his absolutely massive balls taken away from him, so I'll ask there for them to check stuff.

    I hate insects, Arthur is going to kick this ticks ass.
  4. You're going to the vets Tuesday to be neutered.
  5. They haven't invented a tool badass enough to even get near my crown jewels.
  6. Your face isn't that bad.
  7. Well, that hurt Seabs. That hurt. You most certainly do not rule.
  8. Sorry man there's no way, just accept and say goodbye to your dog.

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    I have no idea though, the only thing my dog ever had was cancer in his ass and had to get anal surgery then wear a big cone. Damn wish I could help though, if my bro was sick I could give two shits but as soon as the dog gets ill I'm terrified, drowning it sounds like a good bet though.
  9. What is it with you and arses today?

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  11. Go to the vet's. They took out one of Dudley's and showed my Mum the technique for doing it.
  12. Post made me laugh in many different ways. You made it seem like your dog having cancer in his ass is much less worse than my dog having a fucking tick latched onto him. Damn man. I'm the same though, Dogs being in pain is much harder to accept. Not that Arthur is in any pain, but generally speaking, I hate animals like Dogs being in pain. Probably due to them not having an understanding why they're in pain, and having no way to explain it to them. They just panic and look all sad :emoji_cry:
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  13. Wow, really? I guess I just assumed they were like that everywhere. Stupid of me, but still. I'm just used to them I guess, thanks to our hot summers. Fleas and ticks are horrendous. The good news is him getting a disease isn't entirely too likely. Also, believe it or not, leaving the tick alone and it just getting bigger and bigger can even resolve itself as the tick either eventually pulls off or gets big enough to the point the dog can reach it and scratch/bite it off, etc. Once they're attached and enjoying their meal, they pretty much stay put till you either get them out or until they do eventually fall off. They suuuuure aren't pretty though, and they can be difficult to pull out at times. Based on the Xanth analogy, it sounds like you have a pretty good sized tick on your hands..... er, dog.

    Now I feel even more sorry for your dog knowing he'll be ball-less after Monday. :emoji_slight_frown: Yeah, even more reason for him to kick that tick's ass. :tough: Get him, Arthur!
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  14. Nah my Mum is a boss dude. She'll get the tweasers and rip it from the root. It doesn't look too hard, it's just insecty and you nee to be precise and shit. Going to the vets isn't necessary, and the bill isn't either. We live in a house that is surrounded by a LOT of fields with long grass, and trees, so tick-issues are only ever going to be consistent here. We need to learn how to deal with it ourselves imo.
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  15. Same, especially when my old dog died and she couldn't really stand or anything it was so depressing. We had her from when I was 1 and even though I was 15 it felt so strange seeing her die.
  16. [​IMG]

    Seems easy enough ^
  17. Wish I could like this post a thousand times. Wonderful.

    Not only did you make me feel much less panicky regarding this pathetic insect, you made Arthur seem like the badass he is! :yay:

    But yeah, I read that they tend to go after they're done with their meal, but in typical internet fashion you get responses like "REMOVE IT ASAP! YOUR DOG IS GOING TO GET A LETHAL DISEASE IF IT'S NOT REMOVED SOON". After reading it you're like "WTF NO! :why: :please:".
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  18. Yeah same, when my former dog died. They literally become members of the family; tough to deal with and impossible to replace.

    I knew you'd enter this thread in typical pretentious and pedantic fashion lol.
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  19. No man I felt so sorry for the little bastard, he kept running into the door because his cone was smashing into it. Ronnie actually ran into a wall once anyway, then went in a mood and sat down facing the door as if it was my fault, I swear he hates me, he's fully trained but as soon as I tell him to sit he just tilts his head to the side and walks away.
  20. I wasn't trying to be pretentious or pedantic, honestly. It does seem quite easy to do?
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