Dogs vs Cats : Which is better?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Neptune, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Which is better to own/have as a pet?

    I want serious reasons. That is why I put it in this section.
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  2. I've had both and would say the difference totally comes down to your lifestyle and, with dogs, your willingness to put the time in to train them.

    I prefer dogs as pets to cats but only because I'll work with a dog to get them trained well enough to be a good companion/guard - cats can be good company but they're basically bastards most of the time :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. Dogs >
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  4. Dogs are more consistent. Most dogs with a good owner are cool. Cats are very hit or miss. A good cat is > than a dog, but plenty of cats just suck.

    I would never trade my current cat for any other animal in the history of the world, but once she dies I'll probably avoid cats because Snoop will never be topped.

    I like cats because they are independent and don't really give a fuck what people think. Dogs seem so needy and constantly need approval from humans. I've generally noticed that split among people and their preference for dogs/cats as well. People who I see as needing constant contact like dogs more, whereas more independent people are fine with a cat that will decide when it wants to be around you.
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  5. Depends on your preference. Dogs do generally make better companions because they're a lot friendlier with their owners, whereas cats are much more independent, and according to many animal psychologists, don't actually give a fuck about the well-being of their owners at all (this is highly debatable though given that there's at least one confirmed story of a cat waking their owner up during the night when the house was close to burning down, even though said cat could have easily escaped the house through the pet door if it wanted and left the owners behind.)

    Overall though, cats live longer, can take more damage to their body (that's where the "cats have nine lives shit" comes from), are generally smarter in many ways (they can be taught things easier than most dogs can, plus they learn a lot of things on their own better than dogs can, too), excessive meowing isn't nearly as annoying as excessive barking, etc.

    I personally like cats more overall, but it's really a matter of the specific breed of cat or dog you're talking about more than anything else.
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  6. I always looked at it like this... Dogs = protection (if it is big enough that is) while cats = loving entertainment. I prefer cats to dogs for many reasons but mostly because emotionally, they are more like humans than dogs are. They think closer and react closer to humans. Also, cats can learn anything a dog can learn, they just need more work at it. My cat sits, speaks (err meows), and gives paw on command.
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  7. I'm pretty lazy, so I like cats better. I know people say that dogs are "the man's best friend" and all, but honestly I feel like dogs are just big babies, while cats see themselves on "the same level" as us.Sure, dogs are fun and active, but I want a pal that I can chill with, not a child I need to take care of.

    It's also kinda awesome how we have to compromise with the cat's personality instead of indocrinating it into behaving the way we want them to. A dog's personality seem more made out of clay, and I honestly think it detracts from their individuality.
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  8. I think the "cats don't love" view is actually pretty niche amongst psychologists. As a personal anecdote, my female cat will always come near me when I'm sad. I mean, literally every single time I'm down and depressed she just won't leave me alone.

    The male cat doesn't really seem to give a fuck though, but I'd like to think he sees me more as a food dispensory/petting machine.
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