doing another Q an A! Ask me some question down below!

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    Rules: Questions will be answer on a live stream I will tell you when, Only WWE, Wrestling, Anime, NFL, or Video Game are alot to be ask! No spam, or trolling question or it will be removed and you will be block from my channel! Need enough question to answer or I will not be doing. Also one more thing only 1 question per person.

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  2. Have you played GTA V? What are your thoughts on it?
  3. ownly 1 question per person and please comment on the video.
  4. When are you going to be doing more backyard wrestling?
  5. Have you been looking into real wrestling training? And if such, which academies/schools? (not NXT since it isn't your typical wrestling school), how far would you be willing to move to get trained?
  6. Guy please post comment on the video. thank u.
  7. Have you played Viva Pinata? If no, why not?
  8. Why must I comment on the YT video?
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