Dolph/AJ are the new power couple

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  1. Dolph/AJ are the new power couple in WWE and im loving it there gonna be better than Edge/Lita. Dolph will cash in soon and be champion then AJ will be divas champion at Wrestlemania 29 in her hometown of New Jersey. Power couple champions and they will rule WWE this is gonna be fucking awesome
  2. Aj needs to go away
  3. Better than Edge & Lita? :maybe:

    First give us a bed scene in the ring, then we'll see.
  4. :otunga:
  5. You think AJ will win in her home town? Stars (unless top like Cena, Punk etc.) get humiliated in their home town... it's what WWE does.
  6. Fuck no, let DZ go single.....
  7. :facepalm: ..... just, just.... :facepalm:
  8. Seriously, do you have brain damage? [​IMG]
  9. Hey. It's better than AJ/Cena. :pity:
  10. This. I'm tried of seeing AJ pairings.
  11. This. New countdown, hoping for the same ending. He is over, and in the main event now, but needs to drop AJ and we are finally where things should be. He should be world, and Ryback should be Heavy.
  12. +3

    If anything AJ is going to kill everything he's doing, just like she's killed everything else she's been involved in.
  13. How long can you be kayfabe crazy before people stop associating with you? DB is with her and loses his title, Cena is with her and loses the MITB. The only one to come away unscathed was Punk, but he really didnt give her a full shot anyway. Am I the only one using logic here? Wouldn't DZ think that she might cost him us WHC match somehow? Why am I so angry this late? Who ate the last of my Rice Crispies? :angry:
  14. Implying WWE works with our logic. Not the case. :downer:
  15. Re: RE: Dolph/AJ are the new power couple

    The same reason people that each other only show it at certain times a week, wrestling is the most illogical entertainment form. Also I ate your treats :bury:
  16. :why:
  17. You never know we may get something better than a live sex celebration with AJ/Dolph
  18. [​IMG]
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