Dolph and Swaggie visits college wrestling event, Swaggie looks epic

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Swaggie looks bloody beastly.

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  2. Looks like someone's trying to cash in on :goatface: popularity.
  3. To be fair an epic beard goes well with Swaggie's Americana gimmick. I miss it, the one were he tamed a bald eagle by headbutting it into submission and they then drank buds
  4. :meh: I think he needs a repackaging as well. He was an Angle clone to begin with anyway. Maybe they should give him the lumberjack gimmick Regal had on his first run through WWE :regal:

  5. God that would be amazing.
  6. Him returning as an All-American to challenge Cesaro for the belt would be nice.
  7. He's returning as WWE's Roy Nelson?
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  8. Swagger looks like a tard.
  9. Yeah.. Not really getting it.
  10. I <3 Swags, but I'm not feeling that haircut lol. The beard is OK. Hopefully he comes back as a face... he never got much in the way of heel heat.

    I like the idea of him being the All American American face to finally take Claudio's belt.
  11. He looks ginger-ish in the pic..
  12. Fat? He looks like a damn brick house; like he could bust out 20 reps at 450 on the bench right there in his suit if you asked him to.
  13. The noobs are fooled by the button up and sports coat. Swagger is in constant Swaggie time, no time to be fat
  14. The beard makes his face look chubby, causing noobs to be confused.
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