Dolph CANT lose the MITB briefcase to Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Dolph CANT lose the MITB briefcase to Cena at TLC Dolph has busted his ass for a long time to have a title shot and when he wont the briefcase he earnt that so for Cena to just take it at TLC would be fucking injustice this cant fucking happen im gonna be pissed off if Cena wins the briefcase
  2. You are slowly morphing into Randy Savage.
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  3. I think they're boyfriend/girlfriend now. You pick who's who.
  4. Labels are too sloppy in an all transvestite relationship
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  5. He won't lose. Cena isn't going to hold the jobber WHC belt, he's not a SmackDown star. Dolph is winning and so far I can only come up with AJ interfering somehow as a possible explanation.
  6. Random Ambrose cliq appearance is my first thought. Why? I realize they probably haven't been involved with Cena, but the way WWE thinks is this: "We A.) need DZ to win. B.) Not cleanly doe, so Cena can look strong. How can we accomplish this? Any rogue groups meandering about running amuck on WWE? That's right! Ambrose's boys. Send them in to help DZ win. Why? Don't ask me why mother fucker"
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  7. Dolph should already be champion by now why the fuck WWE hasent let him cash in yet is just fucked up. Cena needs to fuck off and stay away from Dolph. Dolph is the future of the company and will be champion
  8. Lmao probably true tbh. They randomly have a feud with Team Hell No now, which doesn't coincide with their "We fight for justice" explanation for their Ryback beat-downs. This reminds me of Nexus though when they just interrupted matches for the fuck of it - which I marked for - but they had a reason as they all wanted contracts. Meh, if it means Dolph gets pushed, Cena loses, and Ambrose is in the spotlight then I'm happy.
  9. Didn't they beat the dog shit out of Orton last night for no reason as well?
  10. The feud with Hell No does make sense though. If we are to go by the assumption that Shield thinks Punk being forced to wrestle Kane, who was selected by a vote is unjust then it makes sense. Hell No aren't exactly known to be friendly and are without a doubt looking for revenge. It is not perfect but it explains the sudden feud somewhat and also sets up two members of the shield perhaps being the guys to take the titles off of Hell No.
  11. To tie back to my previous statement it does make some sense since they can justify it with Maddox facing an unknown opponent being "unjust". Might just be me reading into it though.
  12. Just with your last two posts alone you've put more thought into why they were attacking who they attacked then WWE did.
  13. I keep calling them to ask for a job but Hayes just screams RKO at me and throws down the phone :upset:
  14. We all know surprise RKOs never get old.
  15. Yep, but I marked for that lol.

    They already got their revenge on the RAW before, why stalk them in their tag-team match last night? Just seems silly.
  16. Most likely as a way to establish two of the Shield guys in the tag division.

    If I want to think too much into it I'd say maybe they took Kane and Bryan's promo backstage on Smackdown were they swore to raise hell as fighting words. That or on RAW they were just there to skulk around to make their presence known and Kane's fighting words became legit fighting words. But that is me over analyzing.
  17. Dolph won't lose, in fact I was very happy when they announced this match because it's the only way to make sure Dolph will get the win....

    If it isn't for the briefcase then Cena would probably win...
  18. Yea take your deep analysis to the TNA section, where at least SOME of the time 1+2 = 3. WWE you might as well be analyzing the winning numbers for the lottery.. when there is no rhyme or reason for either one.
  19. If Ambrose gets put in the fucking tag-team division...
  20. Lulz will be had
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