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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. What would Dolph need to add to his in ring work to get to HBK's level? There's already so many similarities, like Dolph's ability to sell moves, he's the best in the business at that.

    What is there next to add? If anything.
  2. Abit more flash and that's it. Possibly add in a moonsault.
  3. OH HELL NO! He not even close to that!
  4. Maybe creative (or himself) need to give him some edge and rub to his character. Maybe some injury angle on someone or somethin' like that. I think that would be perfect for him. Plus, couple more years of experience would be cool and we'll have to wait for a year or two I think for that. He's definitevely a great wrestler, an inch away from being the best in WWE, I'd say.
  5. To be fair though, he's not had many chances to showcase his talents. When he's in a proper main-event feud I guess we'll see them more. After Wrestemania, it will be the year of Dolph Ziggler.
  6. Difference between HBK and Dolph is simple: John Cena

    HBK's era was void of talent in Vince's mind, so he marketed HBK to the moon.

    People forget how bad a draw HBK was. Diesel was a bust and Bret was near 40. These days WWE has more options... and John Cena

    I can't speculate Dolph's ticket number, but the two are very similar down to the way they walk to the ring
  7. They need to show more of him. Longer matches, serious feuds, and needs to get pushed.
  8. Have to agree with you about the year of Dolph. Jim Ross also said it by the end of 2011 IIRC. He said if both him and Cody Rhodes don't win the World Titles, then they should leave. He's damn right there, must say.

    Though, lord knows what's Vinnie thinking 'bout it.:kiss:
  9. JR also said 2009 would be John Morrison's year..... awwweesooomee
  10. Dolph is one feud away from being a regular main eventer; the guy has good mic skills that are not shown enough, is amazing in the ring and can draw heat for himself easily. He needs to either leave Vickie or she needs to tone it down a lot and let Dolph be the centre of attention. The problem is a lack of faces in the upper card region of the card at the minute, if they actually got behind Kofi these two could have a great program which could develop both their characters and push them towards the main event.
  11. I included JR just because I agree with him about DZ and CD. He isn't the one whos opinion I shall consider as holy or something.

    Rhodes > Morrison
    Ziggler > Morrison.

  12. No worries. You have no control over what another man says. You're only relaying info

    Me, on the other hand, have seen JR run his yap about bloody he**.
  13. JR sticks up for basically everyone on twitter, but I agree with him that Rhodes and Ziggler will dominate 2012. They'll both be champion of their brands, unless of course they're on the same brand :O.
  14. Dolph is a cool kid radical dude.
  15. Ziggler needs to tone down his bumping and occasional over selling. He also needs more good opponents, in order to improve even more. HBK was the master of storytelling, and Dolph is not there yet, obviously.

    Dolph is not the best seller in the biz. He is one of the best BUMPERS, he's doing a helluva job there, but selling is more than jumping around and screaming. You don't sell just moves, you sell shocks, storytelling, crowd reactinos, match outcoms, etc. Ziggler is indeed very good in that stuff, but I'd say Daniel Bryan is better than him, Bryan is better seller.
  16. If we were strictly talking about the more generic definition of selling which is move selling, I believe Ziggler is the best. He can make a Khali chop look devastating.
  17. To me selling is making people believe you're carrying an injury through facials and movements. We probably won't see if Dolph can do it until he turns face since they get worked over more.
  18. Ziggler could increase past HBK by the end of his career. HBK couldn't do as much things as wrestlers can so now since they innovate

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  19. My only problem with Dolph is that I haven't heard him on the mic as much as I'd like to. Then again, he doesn't need to when Vicki yaps away for him every week.

    Other than that, hes one of the best in ring performers on the current roster. Right up there with Punk and Bryan.
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  20. Liked. Dolph has improved so much on the mic that he's more than bearable now, I actually look forward to listening to him speak. Something 5 months ago I would have rofl'd after saying that.

    Vickie needs to go.
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