Dolph/Jehrico scenario.

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  1. I believe once someone get's eliminated such as Daniel Bryan or whoever it is, Dolph Ziggler will come running to the ring and hit him with the ZigZag causing him to get pinned by Mark Henry. This means Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jehrico for WrestleMania.

    What's your opinion on this?
  2. Yep, it's quite obvious to be honest.
  3. Once Jehrico had returned there were rumors that he was going to turn heel after EC. I don't think they're going with that because he's over as hell. Also, it wouldn't make sense for it to happen with such little time.
  4. Well...Jericho can still win the EC, Dolph Cashes in on ADR, and we get Dolph/Jericho for the WH title at Wrestlemania.

    I would go Henry winning though.
  5. I really hope the scenario pans out for Dolph/Jehrico at mania, it has the makings of a potential classic match, and i think Dolph really deserves to be up there on the mania event as well
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