News Dolph to get briefcase again?

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  1. What would you guys think if this happened?
  2. I think it's just a bit the same thing del Rio did when he cashed in for the WWE title. And two consecutive times is just repetitive too...
  3. I wouldn't do it. It's not particularly bad but I don't think Ziggler needs the briefcase at this point, plus he'd be taking someone else's chance.
  4. They could do a Ziggler/Del Rio feud that leads to SummerSlam without involving the briefcase. Someone like Rhodes,Cesaro,or, Barrett should win the World Title briefcase.
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  5. Don't like it because it seems as if the whole year for Ziggler has been a waste of time and his character hasn't progressed as he's in the same situation as he was twelve months ago.
  6. Nope. Ziggler can do it by himself. He put himself over, he got momentum, he got the fans. And guys like Cesaro, Cody, Kofi, Barrett should win that briefcase.
  7. Pretty fucking pointless.
  8. Hell No!
    It will be just the same all over again. Why wasting the briefcase like this when there are so many superstars who deserve and actually needs it?
    Ziggler has a rematch clause anyway, so there is absolutely no point in giving him that briefcase again.
  9. It sounds pretty bland, but I don't think it is nearly as big a problem as everyone else ITT seem to think it is.
  10. I think if he wins it, and cashes it in right away it'll be cool. I just don't want to see him carrying it around for months and months. Lets give the guy a real shot at WHC. The first time was a joke, and the second reign just didn't work out health wise. That sort of stuff happens, but he is one of/if not the hardest worker in the wwe. Him and DB imo deserve to be champions of the main titles. Punk deserves a lot as well, but for some reason, DB and Ziggler seem like the two that should carry this company into the future. Especially with Punks contract expiring next year. If he agrees early to a couple more years, i'd be more willing for him to have another reign, but by the end of his previous reign it was stale. Punk has the unique ability to captivate you without the title, and imo is better suit as the underdog/anti-establishment tweener.
  11. Doesn't seem like a good idea since it would make a big dent in the Zig/Adr feud, they'd just blow off the rematch on TV then have ADR vs someone else at MITB?
    That doesn't seem right at all but they could do (and have done) so much worse with Ziggler, so we shouldn't complain.
  12. I suppose you could have him lose dirty to ADR attack a heel backstage and take their spot. It'll build his desperation to get another shot.
  13. All guys who have cashed in the briefcase have had a pointless reign. ( 2 last years)

    But I would like Rhodes to get the damn briefcase. Then turn face and cash it at Suvivor on heel orton. (Ziggler would hold it since SummerSlam)
  14. I thought that when he lost the title @ pb but i would love for RVD and Punk to win
  15. I don't see why, we just spent a good amount of months with him as the briefcase holder, it would seem like he didn't even drop it at all if he did get it again. I think he has the main event exposure now and is ready to be a World Heavyweight Championship contender without the case. He is now a two time world champion(even if both of his reigns were trash), I think the case should be used for another star who needs the main event push and is ready for a World Heavyweight Championship reign.
  16. I would like to see jericho win the Brief Case but he is going on Tour this summer so Highly doubt it
  17. No ziggler has already won it and I just don't get it why would u announce when u would cash the case in the whole point of it is that it happens when no one expects it
  18. Dont see the need to give it back to DZ. give it someone else to run with it and get over.
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