No Mercy Dolph to lose at No Mercy

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  1. This is yet again ANOTHER Dolph Ziggler rumor. Mind you all, it is JUST a RUMOR.

    "According to Cageside Seats' rumour page, Ziggler could lose once again at No Mercy, which would result in him leaving WWE. However, they have claimed that he could take time off before returning with a new gimmick.

    Ziggler's current WWE contract expires sometime next year, and with the 36-year-old's future with the company uncertain, it's not yet known how they plan to book the Showoff.

    With him leaving and returning with a new gimmick, that questions the whole legitimacy of putting his career on the line, something that The Miz stressed during SmackDown LIVE."


    Do you think having him lose and come back re-branded, so to speak, would help him?
    I have never been a fan of his gimmick but I always felt he was underrated as a wrestler.
  2. No works please, just go.
  3. You want him to just leave and be done?
  4. Doesn't he always lose..
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  5. How bout we not put potential spoilers in the title, yea?
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  6. Hopefully this true, imagine the heat the MIZ will get if he beats Ziggler clean/dirty.
  7. I don't like the guy but honestly, him beating Ziggler wont do anything for him. He is already over. Ziggler is pretty much a punching bag these days.
  8. Ziggler is a difficult one, he should lose to Miz he has been on a roll as of late. But I think a heel turn if he stays with WWE could do him wonders with a new gimmick and new finishers maybe that could work.
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  9. Maybe the Uso approach could work for Ziggler but I doubt it. I think he has completely run his course.

    Sure in the long run the win won't mean anything but for the first week Miz will have mild X-pac heat for ( potentially legitimately) ending his career.
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  10. To me though, a win off Ziggler these days is a given. If he were to do an upset here and actually beat the Miz, people would be pissed.
  11. Ending a man's career is a big deal for Miz, lol. Him being non-plussed and arrogant about it adds to the heat.
    Miz is the only guy in WWE that can actually get heel heat, so he'll run with this.
  12. I didn't think of it as "ending a career" so I guess in that case, it would be a big deal. I just hope if this is the case, they do it right. Have him go all out and Ziggy boy leaving on a stretcher.
  13. Ziggler needs to go away for a while because he is so much damaged goods that he needs a hard reset. Have him retire, bring him back after like six months (have him shoot a movie or something in the meantime) to allow him to reset.
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  14. Much like in his promo, Miz is a guy who doesn't care how he wins, just that he does. "All that matters is that W in that record book"... I'm totally seeing a dirty win here. Maybe even a low-blow, hairspray to the eyes AND grabbing the tights for the asshole trifecta.
    Ziggler having to become a stand-up comic after that should be some really good heel heat.

    Best part of that fantastic Smackdown segment was that, even though it's an easy spot to root for Miz because Ziggler's being so dumb risking his career over this, Dolph still came across as a face.
    Miz is probably #2 on the MVP running for main roster WWE this year, imo.
  15. Wasn't or isn't he, rather, a stand up comic outside of WWE? I really don't follow their personal lives. I just found out today Understaker sells houses. lol
  16. :lol1:

    I'm not sure, just read a lot of "go away Dolph just do stand up ffs" stuff on here :dawg:
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  17. Poor Ziggy boi.

  18. Shiiiiit, my boy Miz better win. Fuck that shit, end Ziggler's whole career. Miz is one of the highlights on SmackDown and they're telling a much bigger story with him than just a midcard title. He's on the verge of just bullying the General Manager, talking shit about the other divisions, and taking out everyone's boy, James Ellsworth before he got to main event SmackDown. His world revolves around that IC title. WWE most of the time is very stupid in booking decisions, but I think they...Vince, sees what they have and are smart enough to not throw all of this heat Miz has by just giving Ziggler the title.

    So, now I address the thread's topic. While my #1 choice is for Miz to actually retire Ziggler, I wouldn't be too mad if they beat him at No Mercy then took him off of TV for a while. I've heard ramblings that they're planning a stable with Ziggler, Swagger(my other boy) and Benjamin when Shelton is cleared. If this is the case, they need to be heels, Ziggler needs to be a heel. I would be very upset if they have Ziggler lose here, go away and then just come back as a babyface. So, yes, I'd be alright if Ziggler goes away for a while after this and then comes back with something new, but he needs to go heel.
  19. I'm fine with whatever, but would prefer Miz winning simply because he has been amazing lately.
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  20. Ziegler doesn't really add much to the WWE so him losing or winning won't change much anyway. Things in the WWE will just go on as normal.
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