Hell in a Cell Dolph vs Cena

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Oct 16, 2015.

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  1. Will Dolph having a heel turn to win the title from John Cena be enough to put him on top?
    I am assuming this will be the end result with John taking his leave. Or can something else happen?

    I honestly can't think of anything else.
  2. I really have no idea. I really don't like Ziggler as a heel. Personality wise, he's suited to be a face... then again, he's flailing as a face... but honestly if he's a heel, he's unlikely to be anymore successful. Considering his popularity, they really should take advantage of it rather than making him job to everyone and putting him in the most idiotic feuds like the one with Rusev... likely the worst of the year.

    I don't think they'll get behind him as a heel either. He plays the face character better so likely they'll keep him as a Hacksaw Jim Duggan kind of face... feuding in the midcard with no real success but using him to work the crowd.

    They've made a mess of him already... not positive how to salvage it. They probably don't want to.
  3. Personally, I can't stand Ziggler any more. I don't think there's anything they could do that would make me like him.
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  4. Heel Ziggler is better. He looks like an egotistical guy in real life, and I just can't accept him as a face.
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  5. He is a good wrestler and was once quite entertaining (when he was with Vickie) but they kind of did ruin him.
  6. I disagree but I don't disagree enough to give you a disagree so I'm expressing my disagree right here so we can just agree to disagree.

    (I don't really care but I really wanted to write that) .
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  7. I like the heel Ziggler better than the face Ziggler. So, if he's really turning heel this Monday, or at HIAC, it's fine with me.

    Although, I'd prefer if Cena was keeping that US title warm for Sami Zayn, or pretty much anyone who's about to be called up from NXT.
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  8. Dolph is better as a babyface simply because he's so popular. He has a tough time getting heat so being a babyface is clearly the direction they should stay in. If he feuds with Cena he will likely turn heel and win the title from him. It's the only direction they could go in. Someone has gotta beat him for the title.
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  9. Everyone knows they're never gonna push Ziggler as a long-term main eventer. They would have almost certainly done so by now if they were ever serious about doing it.

    Wouldn't shock me in the least if they had him turn heel and win the belt from Cena though, or if they at least teased it. He did rake Cena in the eyes during their match on Raw this past Monday, and raking the eyes is typically sold as a dirty move. Might have been a small hint of things to come in regards to a possible heel turn.

    Personally, I'd rather he wasn't the one to dethrone Cena, especially when Cena JUST won the championship back. Winning the title back only to lose it again shortly afterwards kind of diminishes the whole specialness of someone finally managing to step up and take it from him. Hopefully they just keep it on Cena for as long as he's out. Feed Ziggler to Kevin Owens in an IC Title feud or something.
  10. How about I stick a twig up your dick?

  11. Sure, why not? I don't have plans tonight anyway.
  12. sounds sexy.
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  13. They need to have him stop being the guy obsessed with being the hot commodity and pretending he gives a shit about people and make a real character. He should be the guy who knows he is pretty, knows he can win, and is determined to show people he is the best thing they have ever seen. He doesnt have to be heel to do that, but his promos would have to change, he would stop being a 1 woman man and have NO management...and build his way back up to the top. I'll be honest, he is one or two notches above Ryder. He gets a pop EVERY time he comes out, but his booking is awful, and smarks and fans alike know to expect him to miss at least a month of every year due to injury.
  14. what the fuck does this even mean?
  15. Are you unable to read/comprehed the next sentence after that? Great pop, fanfavorite, and used for that reason and that reason alone. Both had characters that are piss poor over time (Ryder at least made his) and are used against them in matches. People like Rusev who are pushed go over guys like DZ because they don't get a fucking clap from the fans without facing their favorite wrestlers.
  16. I can't hear Ryder's 'big pops' over the fake crowd noises on Superstars. :pity1:
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  17. lol fuck you dick, i'm talking about when he would randomly show up on raw, or the We want Ryder chants in Long Island. He got dicked, Dolph gets to job weekly and make the other wrestler look like a star. Scott Hall put it best bro.
  18. There hasn't been a We Want Ryder chant since '11. Ryder's following died out in 2012. He doesn't get pops, chants nor is he used because people liked him. I love Ryder, but that's a little too much hype for this generations's Barry Windham.
  19. Did you not watch the Entourage pop son?
  20. Glad to see this thread doing well. Sticks in dicks and Entourage. That about sums with the Cena vs Ziggler match to me.
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