Dolph vs Kofi again why?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Pop Tatari, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. How many times have we seen this match, wwe must be doing it as a joke,lazy booking. They work well together no denying that but it seems a month cannot go by without them having a match on one of many wwe shows.
  2. Why? Because wrestling writers aren't booking this show.
  3. We don't make the shows and we can't understand why is that so good for business because if not they wouldn't make that match imo
  4. Because they have no clue what do to with Ziggler.
  5. The reason being, 90% of the faces in WWE SUCK A DICK! They need to either elevate some NXT talent, turn a heel or two face, or turn Zigs. He has no one to feud with. Face ADR hasn't worked out as well as I thought it would.
  6. And Ziggler needs help to beat Kofi. KOFI. And yeah I did predict a few weeks ago when they won their belts that we'd have a champ vs champ, there it is.
  7. Face ADR was good until they completely botched the Mania build for he and Swagger. Now he is just another guy who the crowd has no reason to care about one way or the other because of his booking.
  8. WWE Creative: Dolph vs Kofi again why? Because fuck you fans that's why :finger: :haha:

    That's pretty much the reason I see.
  9. Great match last night though.
  10. What are you talking about? That was the first time we've ever seen that match.
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