Dolph Ziggler and Arnold Schwarzenegger take it to the tweets!

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  1. Dolph Ziggler and Arnold Schwarzenegger take it to the tweets!

    Soon after, Arnold thanked the cocky Superstar with this message:

    @Schwarzenegger:Good luck with that and enjoy the book @HEELZiggler. Appreciate the support.

    Cordial enough, right? But Mr. Money in the Bank wasn't quite as well-mannered in his response:

    @HEELZiggler:@Schwarzenegger hah relax brother, i don’t need luck & im not a fan, just a heads up, im on my way to being a much bigger STAR than you!

    Whoa! Strong words considering the former chief executive of California was named the World Box Office Champion by Mr. McMahon 13 years ago on SmackDown (WATCH ARNOLD). Apparently the T-101 felt the same way and chimed in appropriately:

    @Schwarzenegger:@HEELZiggler It's going to take more than reading my book. You better memorize it. Then do curls with it. Then you'll be 1% of the way there

    Mr. Money in the Bank wasn't phased. He continued to taunt the Hollywood legend with these words:

    @HEELZiggler:@Schwarzenegger whatevs! Youre living in the past! #OldNews IM the future & wrestling is like, the 5th best thing i do! SHOW-OFF

    But the man who claims he will "steal your girlfriend" (GET THE HOT SHIRT) didn't realize he'd just delivered some more ammunition to his new rival:

    @Schwarzenegger:@HEELZiggler I'd hate to see 1st-4th best things. You're right, you are the Show Off. Every time I see you I turn the show off.

    Major zinger from the one and only Kindergarten Cop! But Ziggler needs to keep in mind -- this isn't Conan O'Brien, it's Conan the Barbarian! And yet, further antagonizing:

    @HEELZiggler:@Schwarzenegger good one, NOT! you & the whole world can watch what i do @WWE #MondayNightRaw I STEAL THE SHOW...& you know the rest :emoji_wink:

    Will The Showoff reveal when he plans to cash in this Monday on Raw? Will Schwarzenegger respond to Ziggler's latest tweet? Will Mr. Money in the Bank learn anything from Arnold's new book, "Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story"?

    Stay with for more. And, follow @HEELZiggler and @Schwarzenegger.

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