Dolph Ziggler and Ric Flair - Where is the comparison?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 18, 2013.

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    [size=xx-small]Well they're both blonde I suppose.

    The limousine riding, jet flying kiss stealing brother watches whilst girls wooooooo vs the showoff. ​

    Now everyone is free to debate me but where does this idea come from that Dolph is the next Flair? It's logical from a technical and selling standpoint sure, both are masters of the oversell. However people are saying Flair should manage Dolph as their characters would mesh so well and sadly I don't see it that way.

    Flair to me wasn't arrogant like Dolph is, he represented the champion's lifestyle. You couldn't be a common man and the best in the world, you needed to million dollar suits, the rolexs and of course alligator shoes.

    [size=xx-small]What time is it ? It's Rolex time :woo:

    Now let's compare this to Dolph, he doesn't place much interest in how much he's presented he just wants to steal the show and have people respect him for his athletic acheivments. Flair was about looking and acting like a champion whilst Dolph wants to prove he's the best in the wrestling world, same motive different character principles.

    Now who do I feel are better fits?

    Dolph Ziggler and Shawn Michaels

    HBK was the embodiment of athletic star who got you out of your seat, DZ is paying homage to him more than Flair IMO.

    Everything even down to the casual presentation points to the similarities here, he'll let his athleticism speak for it's self without the flash of Flair.

    Ric Flair and The Miz (heel)

    This is more from a presentation point of view, Miz showed what a champion should look for with his suits and mannerisms he's showing how a champion should represent himself. This isn't solely about how they dress rather how they'll use that dress code as an extension of the character they're portraying, it's the first visual cue you can take so must be the most important.

    So if you find Flair and Ziggler a strong character mesh, why?
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  2. Ziggler is much more of a Mr. Perfect/HBK hybrid than anything to do with Flair.
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  3. I don't think there are any deep parallels between the two, it's just that Flair is already acting as a protege for someone and since there are so many Dolph marks here, then they think they would go well together (they wouldn't at all, in my view.)

    I think Mr. Perfect is the best person to draw comparisons from. Too bad he's dead, he'd made a great protege/manager for Ziggler. Their wrestling styles and mannerisms are so alike. Would have made a great match, too.
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  4. Because Michaels won't come back, that's why....

    Flair is imo a good option to work with Ziggler.
    It may just be the hair and all, but it would work out if you think about it.
  5. :huh: HBK has come back multiple times since his return, offer him a decent schedule and he'd return IMO. Also how would it work out between the two? Fantasy book it because I can't see it personally :nogusta:
  6. Would it really?

    I'm agreeing with seabs here. I don't see how Ziggler and Flair would mesh at all as characters. As has already been stated the only things Dolph cares about is showcasing his athleticism and stealing the show. Whilst Flair focused on living a jet set lifestyle and being the man. The only thing that really unites the two is them both wanting to be champion. But that can be said about virtually every wrestler.
  7. Big fucking surprise..:pity2:

    The fact is, even if Bo Dallas would be the man, Flair could manage him to the ME of Wrestlemania.

    Who did Dolph beat to get over massively?


    That's pretty much it.

    If Flair would step into the ring one more time, and let Dolph go over him, that would solidify Ziggler like Cena/HBK for example.
  8. You are talking about Flair getting in the ring with Dolph. That is completely different. We are discussing people seemingly wanting Flair to take Dolph on as his protege and student because "they are so alike".

    Also yes, he is making a valid point that I agree on. Why shouldn't I agree on it?
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  10. Even if Flair would manage Dolph it would work.

    Like I said, Flair can manage ANYONE to ME level.
  11. No way would going over a 64 year old Flair do anything for Ziggler. Coming close to beating Cena on the first Raw of 2013 did more for Ziggler than beating Flair would at this point.
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  12. Really?

    For Flair to successfully manage someone to a certain level there needs to be a character connection. Look at the guys he has managed or gone to the ring with. The members of the four horsemen: Share his ideals of being the man and being greatness above the common man. Same with the members of Evolution and Fortune. Ziggler does not share those qualities. He doesn't care about looking like a champ, riding limousines and all that. Dolph cares about showcasing his athleticism.

    If Flair were to manage Dolph their personalities and gimmicks would collide and I personally do not think it would work.
  13. Sure, buddy..
  14. :notsure2:
  15. To kind of get this thread going again.

    Anyone else got a reason for why Flair should manage Ziggler?

    If not, who else should he manage?
  16. Any reason he wouldn't fit with a heel Miz?
  17. For some reason, I think Miz doesn't need a manager.

    -He's already over
    -He can talk way good on the mic
    -Has been in the game for a good 6/7 years now

    So many others who could use a step up from Flair to settle them on the main roster.
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