Dolph Ziggler >>> Bray Wyatt

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. Dolph Ziggler >>> Bray Wyatt

    Yeah its me with another pipebomb :pipebomb: Dolph Ziggler is so much better than Bray Wyatt and I just dont know why WWE is jobbing out Dolph Ziggler to anyone this guy has everything to be the face of the company. This is fucking bullshit. Also im surprised Bray Wyatt finally got off his fat ass and wrestled
  2. Anyone else like Dominos pizza?

  3. Is that you Gohan? Haha hows saying that a pipebomb? LOLGTFO
  4. As a broke bastard, Cici's >

    Dominos isn't terrible though.
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  5. We dont have CiCi's in the UK, Dominos is overpriced as fuck though
  6. Ahh. It's a pretty small chain of $5 all you can eat pizza.
    Doesn't taste all that great but can't beat the price... Hey, the store-bought pizzas are really good if they aren't as overpriced over there!

    Also love how everyone's ripping off the pancake thread now.
  7. I for once 100% agree with you Ziggler is a way better wrestler than Wyatt but you can argue that Bray has better mick skills , anyway Ziggler takes it easily for me.
  8. Agree that Ziggler is the better wrestler, no idea why he's being jobbed out either. The storyline at first was Show, Miz AND Ziggler all being the rebels against the New Corporation, so who knows what happened with that. I'm still hoping he's going to play a bigger part in this storyline, but judging from the interview CM Punk posted, he might now. :sad:

    Also, "get off his fat ass and wrestled"? Honey, the same thing could be said about a lot of wrestlers (Big Show, Mark Henry), so you're going to need a lot more reason than Wyatt being fat for you to hate him.

    And not sure how many times we have to say this to you, but just because you voice your opinion doesn't mean it's a pipebomb.
  9. Aww shit, I-I catn type right from tht pipebomb. I-It stunned me!
  10. I havent been impressed by Wyatt as of late to be honest. I think he has decent matches but I'm a bit underwhelmed with him because I had very high expectations. I think those vignettes were very well put together and I think that needs to be conveyed more on TV.

    I also dont agree with him beating Ziggler although Ziggler was outnumbered. It wasn't too long ago that Ziggler was doing great as champ and now he's back exactly where he was before and that bothers me.
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  11. Dominos is total shit. Coming from a family that owns three pizza stores we don't eat that shit. Dominos <<<<
  12. I am more of a Papa John guy.

  13. Holy shit.. this made me laugh hahaha.
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  14. Dolph Ziggler cashing in and getting that reaction just showed what the fans want and thats Dolph as the guy of the company. Vince is a fucking idiot burying Dolph when he is the talented guy
  15. Agreed, but comparing Ziggler to Wyatt is unfair because they're two very different wrestlers. That's like saying Zack Ryder is a better wrestler than Big Show, or something along the lines.
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  16. I was actually going to say something along the same lines.

    And my farts are better :pipebomb:s than this thread.
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  17. I'm just lolling at the fact people actually acknowledge that her OPINION as a pipebomb. :haha:
  18. > Lady Deathbane tags me
    > [​IMG]
    >BLFFL Thread
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  19. what pizza chain do you own bro.

    I hated the shit out of the match, but ziggler really does sell so well it really is to the point where it is a fault for him. I said it before and ill say it again, his concussion and losing his voice cost him his opportunity, and that is just flat out bullshit.
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